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When filling vacancies, you’ll of course want to look for long-term quality tenants. High-quality renters will increase your rental income and save financial resources in the long run. The cost of a vacant unit can reach almost $1,750 per month, so tenant retention remains a top priority for landlords. 

For that, we’ve implemented a great tool that helps match you with the right tenants who are looking for a place exactly like yours: our new Premium Leads feature. Simply put, if a tenant is satisfied with the lease terms as well as the condition of the property, and the offered rent price doesn’t represent a financial burden for them, the chances are they will want to stay when the lease expires and choose to renew.

TenantCloud Premium Leads feature

Why Should I Consider Premium Leads?

Due to TenantCloud’s partnership with Rentler, and with the help of the Premium Leads feature, you’ll have access to a great deal of prospective tenants, with leads that will be sent directly to you and help you fill vacancies faster. 

Is It Free?

The Premium Leads feature is available starting from the $15/m Starter plan*. This plan also includes all of the features from the free plan along with many other valuable options such as Rent Payments ACH, AutoPay, E-signature, Tax Reports, Vendor Network and many more. 

If you want to test it out, simply try a free 14-day trial and decide if the plan offers what you’re looking for! 

*Note - you can save 20% by paying annually.

TenantCloud Premium Leads feature

How Exactly Does It Work?

The Premium Leads feature is activated once you have listed units. First, you’ll need to verify your identity in order to secure your account information. 

If an applicant’s preferences do not match your listed unit, you’re free to invite potential residents to apply online. 

TenantCloud Premium Leads feature

To learn more about how this works, check out the following article: What is Premium Leads?

Will Tenants Benefit From It as Well?

Yes, any tenant who has a TenantCloud account can search for a home in accordance with their preferences set in the profile. 

Potential tenants can easily view property matches and review application invitations, ask the potential landlord questions regarding the rental, send applications and keep track of their status. 

Have you checked out the Premium Leads feature yet? If yes, did you manage to find the right tenants for your rental?


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