Rent to roommates? They can pay their individual share of the rent independently of each other or together from their own phone.

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Every roommate will get

Separate lease

Personal profile

Recurring invoices

Own deposits

How it works

TenantCloud offers two lease types from which to choose:

With the separate lease type, all your roommates will be individually responsible for their portion of rent and other invoices.

With the combined lease type, your tenants will be collectively responsible for the whole rent and other invoices, but be able to see the outstanding balance as each other pay portions of the rent.

How it works

Roommates or dependents

You can add both roommates and dependents  to an existing lease.

Roommate shares the unit with a tenant and pays a part of monthly rent.

Dependent lives with a tenant, but the rent is not split - a tenant pays the whole sum of money.

Add all tenants to the lease so they could feel as comfortable as possible in your rental!