Tenant Screening

Renting to the wrong tenant can cost property owners big money and health issues. Trust is good, but in this business, tenant screening is better.

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Tenant Screening

Why screen your applicants with TenantCloud

Fast and accurate process

Easy-to-understand reports

Various packages to choose from

Totally safe for tenants

How it works

When a potential tenant submits online rental application, you can run a screening report directly in the application. Simply select the type of report and press purchase or require the tenant to pay.

Most reports are instantaneous, but some that require county eviction and other can take up to 5 business days. Once the report is complete, you can view it (or download) anytime you need to in the future.

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Credit Reports

The most common reason to run a credit report on a potential tenant is to evaluate their sense of financial responsibility. We partnered with SmartMove Credit check by RentPrep to make it easier to get this information.

No tenant involvement required.

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