Maintenance Requests

TenantCloud maintenance requests with photo and video allow you to manage any issues from anywhere.

No more phone calls!

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Why submit maintenance requests online

Save time by managing all requests from your phone

Manage all communication and scheduling in one place

Keep track of all expenses and materials used

Allow tenants to check on the status of their issue

With tenantcloud maintenance requests you can:

  • Get Video and Picture Requests from Tenants

    The ability for tenants to share the issue with you and include pictures and videos help narrow down the problem faster, so you don’t have to drive there yourself. Tenants can see the status and communicate without ever having to make a phone call. Landlords, tenants and service professionals can all coordinate for the best time if a visit for repair is needed.

  • Connect with Service Pros

    You can fix the issue yourself or assign it to a service professional. In case you assign it to a service pro, they will be notified and get access to the request as well. If you don’t have the right person in your TenantCloud list, add them manually by clicking “Create new professional.” This allows you to share an issue with your handyman with an easy click of a button.

  • Send messages

    Instead of tiresome phone calls, texts and emails, TenantCloud allows to message with tenants and service pros right within the maintenance request, so they can connect and get the problem solved without having to bother you. If you are interested in the issue, you have easy access to read or chat with the tenant and service pro as well.

  • Manage invoices

    Landlords can create invoices linked to the maintenance request number, and all the transactions related to the maintenance request will be shown on its preview page. The request can be shared with multiple tenants on the lease or unit. This allows landlords to keep track of all their expenses in connection to each maintenance request.