The TenantCloud Affiliate program is your perfect opportunity to receive passive income on a long-term basis.

Just access your referral link and share it! 

How Do I Find a Referral Link?

  1. Go to the "Affiliate Program" option from the main "Settings" menu.
  2. Click "Activate the Program.”
  3. Agree to the Affiliate program terms and conditions.
  4. Find your link at the top of the Affiliate Program page.

You will earn as much as your referral’s subscription plan price: $17 for the Starter plan, $32 for the Growth plan, $55 for the Pro plan, and from $75 to $100 for the Business plan.

What are the best ways to share the link? Here are some tips on how to share effectively:

  • Send it in direct messages

Think about people who you know will benefit from using TenantCloud - friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. - who own rental properties or manage properties.

  • Share it on your social media

If you're a Facebook and/or LinkedIn user, share about using TenantCloud and add an affiliate link to the post.

  • Make a video

Do you have a YouTube channel? Make a simple video using screen sharing about how you use TenantCloud. Perhaps include some of your own advice about the rental industry, and then insert your affiliate link in the description. This could potentially bring you new channel visitors, as well as increase the amount on your affiliate balance.  

  • Write an article 

Do you have an account on Medium or maybe a personal blog? Write a short story about how TenantCloud helps you with your tasks or maybe why you chose TC among other software. Just insert your link so it looks organic, and wait. 

If you’ve got banners on your website, you can go even further and insert a banner of TenantCloud with your affiliate link. Here are some we’ve made for you:

  • Promote it on forums

Are you a frequent visitor on Reddit, Quora or other forums? Although you can’t place affiliate links in your posts directly, you can direct other users to your personal blog or social media channels where they will be able to click on your link. There are numerous discussions on PM software every day, so you can naturally take part in some of them.

  • Other ways

There are many different ways to share your affiliate links, and everything depends on your personal resources. If you host a podcast, you could mention it there and leave a link in the episode description. Are you sending emails to your blog subscribers? Mention TenantCloud in one of them. You could even leave a comment on a YouTube video about real estate tips and tricks!

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