As a service professional, you’re surely looking to increase your work orders to grow your professional portfolio as well as generate income. The best way to build trust with your clients and boost your business is to get valuable feedback from your customers and a place where potential clients can access your reviews. 

1. Grow Your Network 

To expand your network, we recommend creating a business profile within your TenantCloud account. With the help of a public business profile, you can detail your specialization and offer your services to potential customers. A profile also allows you the space to describe your skills and past experiences as well as showcase completed projects.


Would you like to setup a public Business profile?

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TenantCloud public Business profile

2. Build Your Reputation 

It’s clear that we cannot underestimate the power of a good reputation in the business world, and implementing the Rate & Review feature has been one of our top priorities. It was designed for service professionals to monitor their reputation and keep track of the reviews received from property managers.

TenantCloud public Business profile

How does it work? 

Once a maintenance request is successfully resolved, a property manager will have an option to rate and review the work order. The review will be published on your Public Business Profile once it has been moderated by our team. 

The maintenance requests that have been previously resolved can be reviewed within 14 days

3. Manage Tasks Efficiently 

Overall, the TenantCloud ServicePro account along with the ServicePro Business Profile are great tools to generate more leads and manage work orders more efficiently. Not only do these tools allow you to keep all your work orders and finances organized, but they help to maintain better communication with your customers and promote your services to a larger audience. 

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