Online payments

Tired of chasing down tenants for rent and waiting for the mail to come with a check? There is a solution! Tenants can now pay online using their phone or desktop, and it goes right to your bank account. In addition Online payments save you time by automatically sending tenants a receipt and registering the payment in your accounting.

Setup Online payments with TenantCloud today!

Benefits of collecting rent online

Fewer late payments

No more paper checks

Keep track of data in the cloud

Get immediate payment updates

Payments options

We provide 3 different options for landlords to collect rent:

  • TC Payments

    ACH payments with NO transaction fees. Rent, utilities and laundry fees - no problem. Learn more

  • Stripe

    Debit and credit card, but Stripe does charge a transaction fee, which is paid for by the tenant. Learn more

  • PayPal

    Debit and credit card, but Paypal does charge a transaction fee, which is paid for by the Landlord. Learn more

How it works

Easily add your tenant’s email, include a lease and then your tenant will receive automatic invoices for each rent payment. Tenants can quickly access the invoice with their phone, tablet or desktop computer. They hit pay and the rent is paid!

You can check the status of your payments in your Accounting menu. If unpaid it will automatically invoice tenants a late fee based on your specifications in the lease.

Click details near each transaction to see more detailed information about each payment.