Rentability Report

Set the new prices for your rentals and start earning more.

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Property insights

Property insights

Local trends

Local trends

Recommended  pricing

Recommended pricing

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

Fill vacancies faster with competitive rent pricing

Fill vacancies faster with competitive rent pricing

Are you pricing too low? Or maybe too high?

Get insights into listings similar to yours, understand local market rental rates, and adjust your pricing.

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The data you need for your real estate decisions

We have partnered with RentRange to provide you with the most valuable data about your property including:

Property-specific vacancy rate estimates

Comparable for-rent properties and historical rent trends

Rental saturation benchmarks in the area

Gross yield data by zip code and rental trends

Adjust the rent rates

The Rentability Report is based from similar properties in your area, so you’ll get an accurate understanding of the market including vacancy rates, real estate trends, and market saturation.

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Why do you need a Rentability Report?

Setting the right price for your property is an essential part of making sure that you fill your vacancies quickly and turn a profit.

You’ll know whether you can lower the price because of longer vacancy rate or raise it due to high demand in your area.

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What rentals are eligible

You can request a Rentability report for any type of property you have: an apartment, single family home, condo, townhouse, etc.c

Only $19.95 per report.
To see a sample report, click here.

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