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Get access to millions of potential tenants who are looking for a new place.

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Make life easier
Get access to millions of potential tenants

Get access to millions of potential tenants

Receive leads sent directly to you

Receive leads sent directly to you

Feel confident about your new renters

Feel confident about your new renters

Find tenants quickly and fill vacancies

Find tenants quickly and fill vacancies

Database of tenant leads

Database of tenant leads

We've partnered with Rentler® to match available tenants to TenantCloud landlord's properties and make renting easier for everyone.

You'll save time by finding tenants long before you even list a property!


Still looking for tenants?

We've created the whole new experience for landlords and tenants to find each other much quicker!

Get numerous tenant leads instantly

Customize your rental application

Screen tenants right in the app

Choose only the best tenants

Get new tenants in one click

Our exclusive partnership with Rentler gives TenantCloud's landlords an opportunity to send their listings to Rentler and get the leads back.

Thanks to huge database of tenants at Rentler you don't need to look for tenants, they will find you.

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Make life easier TenantCloud

How it works for landlords

  • Add your vacant rental to TenantCloud
  • See potential tenants that are matched with your property
  • Invite them to apply
  • Rent your property once you approve their application
Make life easier

How it works for tenants

  • Set your preference for your next rental
  • View property matches and invitations from landlords
  • Send your application to verified landlords and check the status
  • Rent your new home
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Finding tenants simplified

Pricing & Plans

Designed for DIY landlords and small portfolios.
$17 $15 .60 /m
Everything you get with Starter:
  • Rent Payments
  • Maintenance Management
  • Listings and Applications
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Designed for large portfolios.
$32 $29 .30 /m
Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Lease Builder
  • Landlord Forms
  • Property Message Board
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Designed for property managers or businesses with large portfolios.
Let’s talk Let’s talk /m
Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Team Management & Tools
  • Task Management
  • Listings Auto-Refresh
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do leads on your TenantCloud account come from?

TenantCloud has partnered with Rentler to match available tenants to software landlords' properties, making renting easier for everyone. Premium Leads is an excellent feature if you need to fill vacancies quickly. You'll save time by generating high-quality leads before listing a property! Tenants who frequently pay exorbitant fees to find a new rental can now get free exposure to listings, while landlords can easily find new tenants who match their listings.

Who can use the Premium Leads feature?

  • A verified landlord with listed units who has a Starter, Growth, or Business subscription.
  • All registered tenants.

Potential tenants can easily view property matches and application invitations, as well as ask potential landlords questions about the rental, send applications, and track their status.

What are TenantCloud Premium Leads?

Premium Leads is a combination of lead generation strategies that can generate qualified traffic from multiple sources, to deliver you the best leads.

Tenants using the Rentler app will be sent your listing, and if it matches their needs, they will appear as a potential Premium Lead under your listing.

TenantCloud real estate lead generation shortens the time it takes landlords, owners, and property managers to fill vacancies by handling all of the lead collection and organization work for them.

Since selecting a real estate lead generation company can be difficult, TenantCloud partnered with Rentler to provide high-quality real estate leads for your business.

Manage Leads with the Help of TenantCloud

How it works for property owners:

Potential tenants can be found on the Premium Leads page for landlords and property owners. Remember that this feature is only available when units are listed.

If there are no listed units but the Premium Lead is available, you will see the suggestion to list a property.

Remember! Only when a tenant's search preferences match a listed unit are potential tenants visible in Premium Leads. Because tenants can change their search preferences, the number of tenant leads found varies.

Allow interested parties to apply for your rentals online, view their profiles, or disregard them as you see fit.

When you invite a tenant, their name will appear on the Leads page. Keep an eye on your Applications page as well to see if they complete an application.

Be sure your settings allow online applications. Go to Settings → Rental Applications to enable tenants to apply online.

How it works for tenants:

Tenants who use the Rentler app will be sent your listing, and if it matches their criteria, they will appear as a potential Premium Lead under your listing.

They see software rentals, which are listed units from verified landlords. When a tenant finds a rental that they like, they can apply online or send a question to the landlord.

Get the Best Leads for Your Rental

Rentals is an internal software listing resource that helps anyone find their perfect home, office, or even a parking space. You can post residential and commercial rentals as well as storage units and other property types.

Posting listings to Rentals gives landlords a better chance of finding tenants quickly and efficiently, as they can see prospective tenants on their Premium Leads page and invite them to apply online.

Please note! Premium leads are available starting from our Starter subscription plan.

Every registered tenant can browse Rentals from their dashboard and look for vacant listings in their area, apply online, or send a question to the property owner. Tenants who set up search preferences receive daily updates with new listings from Rentals that match their search parameters.

What Should Your Rental Application Include?

Finding the best tenants for your unit is critical. An ideal tenant is a good neighbor, pays rent on time, has no noise complaints, and has not caused property damage in any previous renting experience. TenantCloud Premium Leads provide top-tier tenants who are specifically looking for your property and would be a perfect fit.

The screening process begins with the rental application form. The rental application should be comprehensive and effective in weeding out applicants who will not meet your requirements.

What is a Rental Application?

A rental application can be paper or digital and is a form that requests basic information from a tenant. A rental application is a non-binding contract used to determine a renter's eligibility and to aid in the tenant screening process. Before signing a lease, a landlord will require their renter to complete a rental application.

In most cases, the application form permits the landlord to run a background check and obtain a consumer report. Before the parties can sign a formal lease, the landlord must approve the rental application.

The fundamental elements of any rental application are:

  • The applicant's personal information
  • Financial status and standing
  • Credit and rental history
  • Federally mandated disclosures

What Information to Include in a Rental Application?

In your rental application, requesting certain basic information from tenants is essential. The first is the applicant's contact information. You should obtain a tenant's email address, cell phone number, and full legal name.

Any rental application should clearly authorize the landlord to contact current and previous employers and landlords, as well as authorization to do credit and criminal background checks on the applicant, in addition to the list of items stated below.

Though each landlord has their own set of requirements, a tenant background check generally includes a criminal background check, a credit check, and job verification. Allow our software to assist you if you feel overwhelmed by the data you need to collect.

Through its partnership with TransUnion, TenantCloud makes it easy to run a tenant background check to verify an applicant, check their criminal record, work history, past evictions, and more. A background check, a credit check, and a search of National Eviction Records are all part of a full tenant screening report.

TenantCloud's credit and background checks are a proven method of finding reliable tenants for your rental property. When you know your rental is in good hands, you can focus on other matters.

Our software provides three types of tenant screening reports:

  • Full Check - provides the potential tenant's credit history from various sources, such as banks, credit card companies, collection agencies, and government authorities.
  • Credit Check - contains all the data about the applicant's credit history that a creditor would receive but in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Background Check - verify the applicant's identity, examine, and validate the accuracy of their criminal record, education/job history, and other key information about their past.

The following questions are commonly included in rental applications:

1. Background information:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Evictions
  • Felonies
  • Past issues paying rent
  • Smoking status

2. Contact information:

  • Full legal name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Social security or driver’s license number

3. Emergency contact information:

  • Full legal name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

4. Employment/financial history:

  • Names and contact information for current employers
  • Proof of income (recent pay stubs, W2, or employment offer letter)

5. Household information:

  • Number of total people
  • Number of minor children (if any)
  • The number of pets (if any)

6. Residential History:

  • Names and contact information for past and current landlords
  • The past five years of residential history

What Documents Do Applicants Need to Provide?

The following documents may be required, depending on the type of rental property and the applicant's circumstances:

  • Personal identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or green card
  • Pay stubs or bank statements to show proof of income
  • Rental history records
  • Vehicle information, including registration and insurance
  • Pet vaccination records

In some cases, applicants don't need to submit copies of their supporting documentation; they can provide the necessary information on the rental application form. However, it's a good idea to keep records in case a formal copy is needed.

Remember! There are a couple of questions that landlords are not allowed to ask potential renters or feature in a rental application because of the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Discrimination based on age, country of origin, marital status, sexual orientation, and other details is prohibited by the FHA. Check local and state landlord-tenant laws for extra precautions and review the FHA to understand more about what you can and cannot ask renters.

There are two types of rental discrimination, intentional and unintentional:

  • Intentional rental discrimination is direct. This includes advertising that members of a particular protected class should not even consider applying for a rental unit or only providing specific units to applicants, depending on their affiliation with a protected class.
  • Renter discrimination that isn't direct is unintentional. For instance, if a rental property imposes rules that discourage families with young children from applying.

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