Here at TenantCloud we’ve developed an annual tradition of sharing our year-end results. It’s not only about product functionality itself, it's more how we respond to your needs and adjust to the global changes.

This year was no exception! We set goals, tried our best, faced challenges, improved features, reconsidered decisions, and tried again. We constantly raised questions - “What’s missing here? How can we make things better? Is there anything we can do to solve this problem? Is this really a problem? What is the best solution?” 

You get the point. 

We’ve come up with one fundamental truth in the context of property management: 

What matters for landlords is their business.

What matters for tenants is their home

Consequently, we’ve been putting effort into combining the notions of business and home (i.e. work and life) and trying to find a balance without neglecting the importance of any of the two concepts. Fortunately, the partnership with Rentler has allowed us to broaden our possibilities, remain an all-in-one software for everyone involved in the industry, and keep up the good work. 

If we were asked to describe 2021 in only one sentence, it would probably be: It was a never-ending journey of improvement and figuring out what is best for our customers.

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Transparency and being open to improvements is what makes us better, and we’re excited to share the features we’ve implemented & upgraded in 2021. 

Overall, we’ve been concentrating on two main tasks: 

  1. Make our product more intuitive, more user-friendly and at the same time aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Develop brand new features that will benefit our users in either managing rentals or finding their new home.

It was a never-ending journey of improvement and figuring out what is best for our customers.

Now let’s take a closer look at what we’ve managed to achieve: 

Dashboard & Related Upgrades

  • Multiple Accounts

We know that having to switch between multiple accounts can be frustrating. To make this less troublesome, we’ve added the multiple accounts functionality for those who manage a few accounts within the system. No more constant logging in/logging out. 

  • New Design of Tenant Dashboard & Calendar Design

The improvements to the Tenant Dashboard have made it possible to pay rent right away from the dashboard and view leases along with their status from the dropdown menu. It saves time when double checking any lease details. 

On the tenant’s side, there’s a new flow on the lease signing and insurance steps. 

In addition, events in the landlord’s Calendar can now be easily navigated due to the new design. Information about lease expiration dates, reminders, insurance, and more is all easily accessible in the Calendar. 

  • New Design of Dashboard Navigation & App Menu Design

Dashboard Navigation is a step forward in TenantCloud’s design goals to create a better user experience and make routine tasks more simple. In the future, we plan to also add a dark mode, allowing users to switch between light and dark modes. The app for landlords and property managers also got a completely new look and improved its functionality so that you can spend less time looking for updates and make changes on the go.

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  • Global Changes

The settings section is slowly turning into a more optimized place for the global rules and regulations on how you want the things to work for your business. Easily update, keep track and adjust the settings for each section of your account.

  • Keys & Locks Page

The list of property keys was moved from “Settings” to the “Properties” section. Keys are now on a separate page divided by each property, so you can find and reassign them faster.

Maintenance Management

  • New Design of Maintenance Requests & Maintenance Requests List

The maintenance requests management experience has been improved dramatically. We have rethought the way landlords troubleshoot issues submitted by tenants and have included more visuals. 

Also, requests were regrouped to create better usability to allow for more efficient problem solving. Lists of requests, with detailed view and request preview and board create a unique experience tailored to each landlord’s individual process.

  • Leave a Review

The Rate & Review feature allows landlords to leave reviews for Service Pros’ completed work requests. This will increase credibility with service professionals and provide a better overview of their business portfolios. 

Listings & Leads

  • All-New Listing Wizard, Listing Website, and Listing View Page

This year we’ve made a big update to listings with a new listing website, an improved listing view page, and a more efficient way to create listings. 

The listing wizard is designed to allow you to create organized listings including all necessary information by following a simple step-by-step flow. We made sure that no detail was missed.

Once a listing is created, you can view it on the upgraded listing website where you can view all vacancies. The enhanced structure and design of the new listing website allows for optimized performance. Tenants can easily submit an application, schedule a showing or send questions.

  • Premium Leads

Thanks to the Premium Leads feature, you can fill vacancies faster with no extra effort. Every landlord gets a free lead to try out the new feature. With a huge base of tenants that are looking for a new home, we can more accurately match a prospective tenant’s search preferences with vacant listings.

Lease & Accounting Improvements

  • Ability to Autopay Rent Invoice Daily, Weekly, or Any Other Frequency

During the move-in process, there’s an option to schedule invoices on a weekly basis, so your tenants can also set up auto-pay with weekly (or any other) frequency on their end if this has been previously set up. 

  • Return and Apply Deposit

You can record accepted deposits and track overpayment online at TenantCloud as well as return deposits and mark them as returned. The system keeps track of all records and balances so that with a few clicks you can apply balances to open invoices or return them.

  • Default Signatures on Document Builder

We now have a new tool for building and reusing document templates. We’ve created a new toggle  for “Default Signatures,” which allows you to automatically assign signatures/date signed elements at the bottom of an agreement for all tenants you are about to move in.

  • Text/PDF Editor on Send Notices Flow

With our two document builder editors you can now drag the text boxes for signature/initials/date signed and assign the notices clauses for tenants to sign and/or provide needed information, making creating templates easier. 

Also, using the PDF editor saves time by optimizing the move in process, making sending notices and creating owner agreements simple and quick. 

Brand New Features

  • 1099 Tax Form

With the help of the 1099 Tax form, landlords and property managers can simplify the process of reporting non-employment expenses to the IRS. The system does all the work for you and can calculate the total amounts or allow you to edit if needed.

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  • Interacting with Potential Tenants Has Become Easier

From now on, you can find tenants more efficiently.  Tenants are able to search for vacant rentals based on their preferences, optimizing the search process.  

In addition, communication between landlords and prospective renters is now more convenient due to the new messaging capabilities. You can easily communicate with prospective tenants in a new Leads channel within the messenger. No need to send out multiple emails as all the communication is now grouped in individual chats.

  • Renter Profile

Potential tenants can now have a Renter Profile that shows their listing preferences and invites landlords to communicate and interact with them to share available listings that match their preferences. 

Final Words

We’re looking forward to implementing our plans for the upcoming year and improving the current functionality to deliver the best possible service. There are even more exciting things on our roadmap for 2022- so stay tuned! 

More is yet to come!