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Pay Rent Online

Connect with your landlord and have a signed lease agreement ready in seconds. After, we’ll notify you with all the invoices and updates.

Online Payments

Process rent payments easily using ACH, credit and debit cards.

Auto Pay

Enable Auto Pay to pay automatically on or before the due date.

Rental History

Access your rental history by having all your current and past leases consolidated in one place.


Maintain control over all your expenses - including rent, utilities, fees, and deposits.

Make life easier

Submit Maintenance Requests

Resolve maintenance requests quickly and with minimal involvement.

Video and Picture Requests

Create a maintenance request easily by describing an issue and attaching any necessary files.

Local Service Pros

Your landlord will receive the request and connect with local Service Pros to get it fixed immediately.


Communicate in the app to schedule entry approval and other details.

Easy Tracking

Follow status updates within your TenantCloud account.

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Find a New Place

Search for your future home with your specific preferences and get connected with your new landlord.

Renter Profile

Fill in the Renter Profile with your rental activity, rental agreements, payment receipts, rental history info, etc.


Receive invites from landlords to view their listings based on your matching search criteria.

Online Applications

Apply to every listing you’re interested in with just a few clicks using the same application.


Access all documents from your landlord online and sign them with built-in e-signature.

Make life easier

Manage Your Rental

Take care of your rental and communicate with your landlord all with the TenantCloud app.

Renters Insurance

Purchase insurance to cover yourself and your belongings.

TC Messenger

Keep in touch with your landlord 24/7 without telephone calls or meetings in-person.

Rent Reporting

Report rent payments you're already making to the major credit bureaus and build your credit score.

Back Rent Reporting

Report your on-time rent payments for the last 24 months to major credit bureaus.

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