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Everything You Need to Manage Your Properties

Property management software that helps you list properties, collect payments, and manage your portfolio with ease, all online.

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Capterra 4.3 out of 5 (300+ Reviews)
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Manage accounting details with ease
Manage accounting details with ease

Set up invoices, send receipts, and create financial reports so you can track every last penny.

Screen and onboard tenants with just a few clicks

Collect applications, run background checks, and sign lease agreements in time for moving day.

Screen and onboard tenants with just a few clicks
Put rent collection on auto-pilot
Put rent collection on auto-pilot

No need to waste time tracking down rent payments. Give tenants a flexible, easy way to pay online.

Quickly handle maintenance requests & vendors

Stay on top of all your maintenance needs with our simple, online portal.

Quickly handle maintenance requests & vendors
Syndicate your property listings and get a free custom website
Syndicate your property listings and get a free custom website

Get more eyes on your properties with easy syndication and a personal listing site.

Plus, other features you’d expect to streamline portfolio management
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rental property management software?

Property management software allows landlords and property managers to monitor, screen, and provide online rent collection to their renters. The rental industry is always looking for ways to optimize, simplify, and enhance back-office operations and finances; property management software is the way to do it. Using property management software improves communication between managers, owners, and renters

TenantCloud, a cloud-based SaaS, automates daily property management tasks while saving time and money by eliminating unnecessary add-ons.

The best rental property software integrates all the main features of property administration into a single program, including accounting, maintenance, communication, online rent collection, tenant screening, and reporting.

It is much easier to manage and store your documents with the help of all-in-one software. You can finally archive the disorganized Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

TenantCloud enables landlords to breathe easy by promoting lists on a marketing website, increasing rent roll, offering tenants better service, and scaling up the business.

Our online property management software lets you instantly connect and synchronize with your QuickBooks Online account to save time and be more productive. You can synchronize your calendar with Google Calendar to easily keep track of reminders, notes, and important events regarding your business — without switching between calendars.

Rental management software enables businesses to provide the best services and expand on a larger scale. If you are a property owner or a landlord who understands all the features and benefits of using online property management software and is looking for the best one, try TenantCloud!

Capterra ranks TenantCloud as one of the best real estate property management software available today.

Why do you need property management software?

TenantCloud simplifies administrative, marketing, and other business operations for property managers who oversee multiple rental properties. TenantCloud allows users to post property listings, sign lease agreements online with the help of electronic signatures, advertise rentals, receive rent payments via credit card, debit card, or ACH, and receive and resolve maintenance requests from tenants, among many other features.

Using our property management software, managers and owners can speed up the leasing process to keep more of their properties occupied with quality tenants. TenantCloud is a dynamic platform that equips property managers with everything they need to launch, operate, communicate with tenants, and expand.

Who can use rental property management software?

While property owners and managers efficiently manage their rental properties and keep tabs on accounting transactions, their tenants can apply for apartments and pay their rent online, thanks to real estate management software. Service professionals can also benefit from our online maintenance request system and detailed work orders.

Landlords and Property managers: With property management software, landlords and property managers can collect rent online, store all their rental information on our cloud-based software, upload photos, manage maintenance requests, use automatic accounting features, accept online rental applications, sign lease agreements with e-signatures, check on financial reports, communicate with tenants, team and service professionals, advertise rental vacancies across multiple rental websites, and much more. Residential property management software will improve the efficiency of landlords managing anything from single-family houses to multi-family rentals or even Homeowner Association to manage their properties and communities.

Tenants: Besides searching for a rental property, tenants may pay their rent online, request maintenance, apply for rentals, sign lease agreements online, report their rent payments to credit bureaus and improve their credit score, contact their landlord, and view their rental history.

Owners: Obtain access to property data, accounting activity tracking, communication, and the ability to pay and receive funds from property managers.

Service Professionals: With property management software, Service Pro's can create task lists and schedules, accept maintenance requests online, send and receive payments online, track transactions, and interact with clients. Service professionals may also develop a company profile.

What features should you look for in rental property management software?

  • Income Tracking and Reporting: As of August 24, 2022, the average landlord income is $69,085. Your property management app should simplify rent payment management and provide comprehensive income-tracking features. TenantCloud rental property management software allows you to efficiently collect and monitor rent payments, track late fees, and generate income reports.
  • Time Efficiency: According to recent data, 76% of landlords spend 40 hours each month monitoring their properties. Therefore, time-saving features are essential. To reduce daily operating tasks, look for automation tools such as automatic lease renewal reminders, late fee notices, past-due balance notices, and effective communication channels.
  • Tenant Screening: Tenant screening is essential since 42.9 million or 34.5% of U.S. households rent their homes. Complete tenant screening features, such as credit checks, criminal background checks, rental history verification, and income insights, are necessary for every rental management software.
  • Leads Tracking Tool: TenantCloud's Leads Tracking Tool is a beneficial tool that streamlines the management of prospective tenants. It assists in handling leads, making it easier to fill unoccupied homes and maintain constant rental revenue.
  • Customizable Reports: Lease property management software should allow you to generate customized reports, such as the 1099 Tax Form, Rent Roll Report, Rentability Report, and Profit/Loss Statement. These reports are necessary for effective rental management, finance tracking, and tax compliance.
  • Landlord Forms: You'll need to employ a variety of forms and papers every day to make organizing duties easier. Lease agreements, notices of rent increases, and addendums, among other landlord paperwork, are all conveniently available and customizable through TenantCloud. These documents are necessary for landlords, property managers, and owners since they streamline chores and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws governing landlord-tenant relationships.

What problems does property management software solve?

Property management software solves many problems, making a property manager's daily routines more manageable and streamlined. Here are just a few issues that property management software solves:

  • Automate Rental Invoicing and Collections

Property management software allows landlords to get paid quickly and easily with the help of online rental payment tools. Tenants can pay rent instantly from their phones using the TenantCloud app. Keeping records online makes it easier to keep track of payments from each tenant and create financial reports automatically.

  • Improve & Streamline Tenant Screening

With the help of a tenant screening report powered by TransUnion, landlords can determine whether a candidate is a good fit for their property. The more information you have, the safer your rental home and business will be.

  • Resolve Issues More Efficiently

With maintenance management functionality, you and your tenants can communicate and assign work directly to service pros through the software, making and resolving maintenance requests simple and quick.

  • Access Detailed Insights

With on-demand rental reports, you’ll have the needed data. Running community analytics with property management software will allow you to check on every aspect of your business. TenantCloud automatically calculates things such as your gross income, operating expenses, non-operating expenses, net income, and much more.

  • Effectively Advertise Your Rentals

Every TenantCloud property owner can create a listing website to promote vacancies and showcase properties to potential tenants. Create a portfolio, add property images to the gallery, and customize rental applications.