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Vitaliy, Leonid and Joe were all familiar with renting and frustrated with filling out application after application. After numerous application fees the three knew there had to be a better and cheaper way to set themselves apart as renters. This was the start of TenantCloud a free service that helps renters standout. Keeping recommendations and other information is now simple and easy to share. This could be the last rental application you ever have to fill out.

As renters, they knew it had to be easier to communicate with their landlord, so TenantCloud was additionally supplied with a free landlord portal, which includes top-tier property management tools.

The three realized others wanted to use TenantCloud as well, so they started sharing it with a few friends. Soon those friends shared it with their friends and TenantCloud started to grow.

How do we create a business when our main creed is to provide quality at no cost - we depend on our users to help out. We are a small company, which typically requires a large marketing budget, but we think TenantCloud users will find value in our service and spread the word. We have a very limited marketing budget and rely on word-of-mouth to keep the service free. You can help by sharing our story.

With love and care in our hearts,
Your TenantCloud Team


The lifeblood of TenantCloud is our people. As a tight-knit team of strategists, designers, and technologists,
we're in love with what we do.

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The texan

TenantCloud team Joe

Loves playing with his kids and eating the cream from all the oreo cookies before putting them back. Can't stand tinfoil and has a strange obsession with smoking brisket.


The Perfectionist

TenantCloud team Vitaliy

Technology addict and dad of the year. Psychoanalyst to the marrow of his bones. Lion by nature.


Simply Leon

TenantCloud team Leon

Believes in conspiracy theory and takes care of his little green friend - Dieffenbachia. Often sings in the crowded office, thinking no one hears him.


Lady boss

TenantCloud team Alina

Passionate shoe lover. Makes nerd jokes about grammar all the time. Instagram freak. Secretly dreams of her own army of lovely minions.


The Jokeman

TenantCloud team promo.ivan Ivan

Though Ivan is very young, he makes up for it with wisdom that he proffers on any occasion. "Take it easy and enjoy life" - is his motto.



TenantCloud team Lesia

Lesia is shy, but a very shiny person. She loves cooking sweets and then bartering them for useful programming stuff.


The Shamrock Freak

TenantCloud team Julia

Obsessed with green. Owns a cat called Batman and asserts that her friend Patrick the Leprechaun visits her each year on March, 17th. Obviously drinks too much Coke.


Mr. Punctuality

TenantCloud team Max

Maks is an artist in turning complex problems into beautiful codes. He likes riding a bike to work and making world less polluted.


The mastermind

TenantCloud team Naz

The only coder of his kind who can create beautiful codes in any state: upside down or backwards:) Nazar is a great connoisseur of liquid spirits and just a good pal to have around.


Princess Charming

TenantCloud team Ann

Ann is a super social person. She says that beauty will save this world no matter what. Loves animals and believes in Unicorns!


The 90s Girl

TenantCloud team Amber

Known as Dakota and tends to the 90s trends. She is inspired by Andy Warhol, likes flee markets and suffers from password fatigue. Just another ordinary weirdo : )


The Storm

TenantCloud team Tasha

Tasha is a super cheerful person who always wears a smile. She is positively oriented and you just can’t stop smiling back at her - go ahead. Try.



TenantCloud team Mary

Mother of two fidgety kids. Loves stretching, jogging in the morning and crafts. “Nothing feels better than creating beautiful things with your hands” says, Mary.”

Andrew B

Agent 008

TenantCloud team Andrew B

Except being on Her Majesty's Secret Service, Andrew develops TC, plays football and go hiking. You know, as all secret agents do for cover.


The Irish Man

TenantCloud team Michael

Michael loves three things: programming, listening to music while programming and having a good time after programming, oh yeah and his BMW, lol.


Local Superstar

TenantCloud team Ross

Ross is a kind of person who never gets upset. Also, he is a huge film industry fan and stationery collector... which he curiously says has nothing to do with the office pens that keep disappearing.


The Geek

TenantCloud team Dorian

Persistent and hardworking geek, sometimes very annoying :) But seriously, geeking since 1996. Dorian is deep into testing the "10,000 Hour Rule" theory.

Andrew C

The Jock

TenantCloud team Andrew C

Andrew loves programming and also he likes to workout. When Andrew is done with code, then you can find him jogging, playing soccer or hiking somewhere high in mountains.


Turbo Designer

TenantCloud team Ruslan

Strives to make people’s life easier and more comfortable while surfing the website. Adores sports cars and racing.


The Cactus

TenantCloud team Taco

Green Peace Supporter. Our friend, always a good listener.

I must say that I've been looking for such program for long. Only one rental application! That's just perfect, no need to refill it each time you move.
Brittany Collins Manager
Tenant Cloud is really easy to use and user-friendly. I estimate savings to be more then $1,000 over the first month I have been using it. But most amazing thing — Tenant Cloud is totally free for my 14 units!
Amberly Russel Property Manager
Tenant Cloud saves time in processing rental payments and I'm always sure that the rent is paid every month. I love the "split the rent option" so I'm going to sign up my roommates too!
Tracy Davis Designer
The product is amazing! My site has a great design and it's really easy to edit the content on it. Actually there's no similar product on the market. Thank you guys for this incredible tool!
Kevin Harris Landlord

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