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What is Rentler Leads?

TenantCloud has partnered with Rentler to match available tenants to TenantCloud landlord's properties and make renting easier for everyone. You'll save time by finding tenants long before you even list a property! Tenants who often pay hefty fees for finding a new rental can now get exposure to listings for free, while landlords can easily find new tenants that match their listings.


Who can use the Rentler Leads feature?

  • A verified landlord with listed units who has a Standard, Advanced, or Premium subscription.
  • Any tenant registered on TenantCloud.

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How do I verify my account?

Subscription plans & pricing


How it works for the tenant

Tenants using the Rentler app will be sent your listing and if it fits what they are looking for they will show up as a potential Rentler Lead under your listing.

The listings they see are TenantCloud Rentals, i.e. listed units from verified landlords.

Learn more: What is TenantCloud Rentals

Once a tenant chooses a rental they're interested in, they can then apply online or send a question to the landlord.

How it works for the landlord

Landlords can see potential tenants on their Rentler Leads page. Keep in mind that this feature is only active when there are listed units.

If there are no listed units but the Rentler Lead is available, and if there are no matches, but the feature is available you will see the following information:

Please note! Potential tenants are visible in Rentler Leads only when a tenant's search preferences match a listed unit. Since tenants can alter their search preferences, the number of tenant leads found changes accordingly.

You are welcome to invite potential tenants to apply for your listings online or remove the tenants from Rentler Leads. 

Once you've invited a tenant, they will appear on the Leads page. Also, keep an eye on your Applications page for an application from this tenant.

Please note! Make sure your settings allow online applications. Go to Settings → Rental Applications to enable tenants to apply online.

Here is a helpful article showing how search preference functionality works from the tenant's perspective:How do I update my search preferences?


Last updated:

Apr. 6, 2020

Please let us know if you have any other questions.