One of the best ways to get on the same page as your tenants is to use one property management tool and communicate inside the system. 

With TenantCloud, you can easily add a tenant and give them access to the Tenant Portal where they can sign the lease agreement, pay rent, submit maintenance requests, send messages, and more. 

Once you’ve added a tenant to your contacts list, choose Contacts in the left side menu and select Profile of the tenant you’d like to connect. After that, select Connect Tenant from the three dots menu.

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How to connect tenant on the TenantCloud Portal

How will this help you? 

Connecting with your tenants allows you to manage your rental properties more effectively. 

Tasha, Head of TenantCloud Customer Support, shares her thoughts on why connecting with your tenants via TenantCloud can optimize your rental business. Here’s what she says: 

Connecting with tenants on the TenantCloud platform is all about protecting the landlord and saving them time. I guess the question you should be asking is Why wouldn’t a landlord connect with their tenants? Once the tenant has their own account, they do a large chunk of the landlord’s work for them! Here are just a few things tenants can do with TenantCloud:

  • Paying rent online. No more driving to pick up rent checks or waiting days for a check to show up in the mail. Instead, instantly see your tenants’ payments and get notified when the funds clear.
  • Automatic email reminders when rent is due.
  • When tenants message their landlord, the conversation is stored forever! The thread shows whether the tenant has read the messages or not and you can even print out the conversation thread in case you need it for legal purposes.
  • If a tenant submits a maintenance request, they have already filled out the necessary information regarding maintenance problems. All the landlord needs to do is assign the maintenance request to a pro. The service pro then contacts the tenant to arrange a time to complete the repairs. It eliminates the need for the landlord to play the middleman between the tenant and service pro- saving time and headaches.

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  • And last but not lease signing. Having all your documents signed and stored online not only saves you time but ensures that you don’t lose important records.

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Documentation is key to protecting yourself. The great thing about TenantCloud is that as you perform your day-to-day tasks, it documents important information and events as they happen so you don’t have to!

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