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An Owner’s Portal and Why it’s needed!

February 26, 2019

Often when you are managing properties for somebody you will need to report on some of the activity of the rental. Putting together such information can be a daunting task and if you manage properties for multiple owners than each one can have different requests. Allowing owners to have access to their own data saves you time. Owners ability to look up any information they need on their property provides information when they need it and frees up your time. 

The Owner's Portal allows landlords to access information about their properties such as current financial status and historical statements, copies of attached bills, all general scanned documents, photos, details of the property, rent roll, financial activity  and graphs. This information allows owners to stay in touch and update on their property without having to call you for basic information. 

Owner TenantCloud
When provide owners with their own login inside the TenantCloud system, you can choose what information to show. Balance sheets, income statements, and a number of other financial reports are available from any device. Upload receipts, leases, and other important items to the built-in document sharing system so property owners can access them anytime. You won’t have to spend time on researching transactions from 4 years ago that would have normally taken you hours. Now you can help the owner have access to all their information right away, without having to do anything. 

Moreover, you can save by not having to mail notices or reports as each owner account can also store and receive messages. In addition property managers can send distribution and payments to the owner directly in TenantCloud. 

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