As a landlord, you probably know how important it is to keep track of all your documents. TenantCloud has made that a lot easier for you. With Landlord Forms, you will be able to have free, legal professional-approved digital lease agreements that will save you time and money.

Finding a standard lease agreement template online is simple enough, but not all include the key factors to make the lease official. TenantCloud provides free, lawyer-reviewed, state-specific lease agreements that may be altered and replicated.

TenantCloud Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template



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With the TenantCloud documents template, you can create a lease in a matter of minutes. Our online tools will walk you step by step through the process, ensuring that everything is set up correctly.
Rent, deposits, utilities, insurance, and any additional fees will all be covered.

Document Templates

The rental industry revolves around paperwork. Tax and compliance documentation, marketing materials, tenant records, financial reports, tenant screening documents, and other sensitive data must all be properly preserved and accessible. Leases and management agreements must be written, signed, and filed.

Landlords and property managers have distinct documentation management requirements not typically required in other sectors.

TenantCloud Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template



 Basic Residential Lease Agreement Display All states RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT

Tenant agreement Basic Residential Lease Agreement

This agreement, dated Lease start date , is between Property manager/company full name and Tenant full name

1. LANDLORD: The Landlord(s) and/or agent(s) is/are and will be referred to in this Lease Agreement as "Landlord."

Property manager/company full name (Owner)

2. TENANT: The Tenant(s) is/are: Tenant full name and will be referred to in this Lease Agreement as "Tenant."

3. RENTAL PROPERTY: The Landlord agrees to rent to the Tenant the property described as a(n) apartment located at Property address which will be referred to in this Lease as the "Leased Premises."

4. TERM OF LEASE AGREEMENT: The Lease Agreement will begin on Lease start date and will end on Lease end date


The only person(s) livind in the Leased Premises is/are: Tenant full name

Documentation takes time but is a crucial part of daily tasks for every landlord. Becoming familiar with and utilizing digital agreements would only benefit your rental company.

Finding a new tenant can vary from situation to situation, but the lease they sign is usually exactly the same.

TenantCloud Templates can help you save time from writing up a new lease every time you have a tenant. With our simple template builder, you may create your own lease template. It auto-fills data onto your document, so you don't have to fill it in yourself.

If you don't want to write your own rental agreement, you may use the template every time you sign a new lease.

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What is a Standard Residential Lease Agreement?

A Standard Residential Lease Agreement clarifies both parties' obligations and rights and is the most critical document a landlord requires. TenantClouds' lease agreement has all the information you'll need to secure your property, yourself, and your tenant.

A Residential Lease Agreement will specify the conditions under which the renter will be allowed to rent the property. It also sets when and how much the renter must pay the landlord for the property.

It also defines what would happen if the agreement is breached. An Agreement spells out conditions for the tenant and the landlord.

We’ve created a free template for you - A Basic Residential Lease Agreement for individual properties rented for residential use. It can be used for a long-term lease or a month-to-month tenancy agreement. Either the landlord or manager and all tenants must review and sign the rental lease or rental lease agreement.

Important! The laws regulating residential tenancy may vary by state. TenantCloud offers state-specific forms to help you build rental agreements.

How to Fill Out a Residential Lease Agreement?

TenantCloud Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template


+ Pet Addendum To Rental Agreement Display All states 


Tenant agreement Pet Addendum to Rental Agreement

Last updated 07 Jun, 2022 1:41 PM

by and between:

Today's date This Lease Agreement (this “Agreement”) is made this.

Property manager/company full name Landlord:

Tenant full name Tenant(s);

_ (“Landlord”) AND


Property address Premises: located at

In addition to the terms as set out in the Lease Agreement the Tenant shall pay the following based on the consistency and restriction with deposits:

Pet rent Pet rent:


1. Specify who owns what and all participating parties.

  • The entire names of the tenant and the landlord; 
  • The rental property's full address and the landlord's full postal address; 
  • The rental property's name, if one exists, or its complete postal address when used to identify it. Make sure you give the exact unit number.

2. Period of the lease and rent payments.

When discussing the specifics of the leasing agreement, use precise dates. Declare the lease's start and end dates, including the day, month, and year. The total rent paid and the amount payable each month must be determined.

TenantCloud Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template








You can include the terms and conditions of this tenancy agreement that comply with the local laws and regulations, and clearly communicate the rights and obligations under

the agreement. You can add up to 10 agreements & disclosures to be signed (optional).


Require signature on clauses you want


3. Define terms and conditions.

After you've prepared the key points of the lease agreement, add specific terms and conditions.

4. Use a digitally signed online lease.

Along with the content, it's critical to consider how your lease is created, displayed, saved, and signed. Both landlords and tenants benefit from using online leases.

TenantCloud Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template


Select the tenant from the list below. If the tenant is connected with you, the notice will be shared and posted on their Tenant Portal. Not connected tenant will receive an email

with notice.


Select the notice template from available templates or copy/paste the verbiage using +Create new template.


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