(Important note: We recently updated our plans with new pricing and additional features, so this information may no longer be accurate. For the most up-to-date TenantCloud plan details, please visit our Pricing Page. Thanks!)

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions our users have prior to and while using the TenantCloud service and the answers (including links) in one place for your convenience. 

1. Does TenantCloud provide a free trial?

TenantCloud is a free service with portals for Landlords/Property Managers, Tenants, Owners, and ServicePros.

There’s actually no need for a free trial - TenantCloud is already free! However, you can upgrade to a paid plan whenever you want in order to access even more useful features. 

2. What online payment methods does TenantCloud support?

TenantCloud offers two online payment options: TC Payments powered by Dwolla and Stripe

TC Payments is available for U.S. citizens in the subscription plan starting from $9/month and allows unlimited transactions with no convenience fees. 

Stripe is a credit card processing system that allows you to receive/make payments with all major cards from/to customers around the world. It requires transaction fees of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge. 

3. How is my data protected within TenantCloud?

We take online security very seriously. All data within TenantCloud is encrypted. We use 256-bit encryption through SSL and store user information in highly secure AWS data centers.

4. What can I do using TenantCloud? 

TenantCloud is all-in-one property management software that allows landlords and property managers to effectively manage their rental properties. It allows tenants to apply for rentals and pay rent online. With TenantCloud, owners can keep track of accounting transactions while service professionals are able to accept maintenance requests online, and much more. 

Landlords and Property Managers can: collect rent online, store rental info, upload move-in/out pictures, manage visual maintenance requests, take advantage of automatic accounting features, accept online rental applications, electronically sign lease agreements, pull financial reports, communicate with other users, market their vacancies on over 25 rental websites, and much more.

Tenants can: find a new home, pay rent online, submit maintenance requests, apply for rentals online, sign lease documents online, communicate with their landlord, and track their rental history.

Owners can: pull property reports, keep track of accounting transactions, communicate, and receive and send money to property managers.

 ServicePros can: build a business profile, accept maintenance requests online, create task lists and calendar items, send and receive online payments, keep track of accounting transactions, and communicate with clients.

5. How do I upgrade my plan?

To subscribe to an upgraded plan, go to the main “Settings” menu and select the “Account Subscription” option. You can choose either a Standard, Advanced, or Premium plan. 

By upgrading, you will receive many new features that will help grow your rental business and improve your tenants’ renting experience. 

6. How do I activate and edit content on my listing website?

A customizable listing website is a great tool to advertise your vacancies and attract more applicants to your listings. 

In order to activate it, go to the "Settings" menu and choose "Marketing website." Click on “Activate free listing website” and fill in the required information. 

You will be then able to view all your listings and syndicate them with external listing websites. 

7. What is Renters Insurance?

With the help of Assurant, the leading provider of renters insurance, you can secure your and your tenants belongings during their tenancy. 

You can request Renter’s Insurance from tenants when creating a lease agreement. 

8. How do I require my tenant to sign an agreement electronically?

E-signature allows you to send agreements to your tenants to be digitally signed as part of the move in process. 

You can require the E-signature from your tenants on the last "Agreement & Signature" step of the move in process. 

Note that E-signature is available starting from the Standard plan.  

9. How do I set up an application fee?

Application fees can cover the costs associated with processing a rental application. If you’ve decided to charge application fees, you will need to activate this option when listing a unit. 

Go to the Application Settings step. Then enable "Receive rental applications online" and "Require tenant to pay an application fee.” There you can enter the amount of the fee for the listing.

10. How do I assign a maintenance request to my service pro?

If you need to assign a maintenance request to a service pro, you’ll need to add a professional to your Contacts list and connect with them first. Once you’ve added the contact, you’ll be able to assign the service request in the Assignee Information section on the maintenance request page. 


 If you have any additional questions, please visit our Help Center or reach out to our awesome support team. 


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