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How do I set up an application fee?

Application fees are charged to cover the costs involved in processing the rental application. If you want to charge application fees along with the rental application, you need to enable this option in the rental application settings. To do this, select "Rental Application" from the main "Settings" menu.

To be able to accept application fees online, you need to:

1) Set up rental application settings.

2) Set up online payments.

3) Set up a landlord website.


How to set up an application fee?


In the rental application settings, enable the "I want to receive rental application online" and "I want to receive rental application fee online" toggle buttons. Additionally, you can select what payment options will be available on the checkout page. We recommend using the instant methods like credit card (Stripe) and PayPal. Save changes:

How to set up an application fee?

How to set up an application fee?


Once the rental application settings are configured, you'll need to enter the application fee amount for each listed property when you list the property to your free landlord website.

This may be useful: 
How to set up application fee amount?

Check out the webinar to learn more: 



Last updated:
Mar. 15th, 2019

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