What is Renters Insurance?

TenantCloud has made it easy to help you protect your rental, your tenant’s home, and all the precious belongings in it by partnering with Assurant, the leading provider of renters insurance. Now you can help your tenants and require renters insurance while they rent. With low monthly costs starting from $16 (depending on the state), it covers both their belongings and your assets. You can now require renters insurance when setting up a lease agreement:

Assurant can provide you up-to-date information on the policy with regard to being active and allows you easy access to contact the insurance provider in the event of a claim. It also gives tenants a quick and easy way to secure insurance, since all TenantCloud users are eligible to receive insurance under the same low rate.


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How to request Renters Insurance from tenants?


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Last updated:
Sep 20, 2021