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How do I require to sign agreement electronically from my tenant?

We provide E-signature feature which allows you to send agreements to your tenants to be digitally signed as part of the move in process.

Please note!

E-signature is available with our Standard, Advanced and Premium plans.

You can require the E-Signature from your tenants on the last "Agreement & Signature" step of the move in process:

Select the lease agreement templates or copy/paste your own verbiage. Enable the toggle button "sign agreement(s) electronically":

Type or draw your signature. Read the terms of use by signing this agreement and click "I have read and agree to these Terms of Use". Check the toggle buttons on those tenants from whom you require e-signature and click "Send to sign" to complete the process.

Please note!

If you move in only one tenant to the property, then the lease will be automatically sent to sign.


If you are on the Basic plan, you will need to subscribe to Standard, Advanced or Premium plan to use E-signature. Once you click "Upgrade to Standard", the lease will stay in draft status and you will be redirected to the checkout page:

After you subscribed, you will be sent back on the last step of move in process where you can send the lease for tenant(s) to sign:

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Last updated:
June 23, 2020

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