Today, we’re delighted to announce an all-new design of the landlord account and a bunch of other noteworthy security improvements that will help landlords and property managers run their business securely and smoothly on any device.

Online Property Management Software Updates

Structure and Design Improvements

All design & structure updates were based on the feedback from current TenantCloud users and industry experts to improve their user experience within the system and include only the most important features. The enhancements include a new  structure of the menu with brand-new settings, types of properties and units. With the TenantCloud updated accounting system, now it’s easier than ever to collect rent online, track finances, and access income/expense reports from any device. Updated work orders and rental applications will help to manage visual maintenance requests in a few clicks. The whole system has become totally mobile-friendly, so now it’s accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops and all other gadgets. The all-new structure was supplemented by the fresh look so as to provide users with the latest design trends.

All these updates mean a faster, more efficient and easy process of adding data. Now TenantCloud users can add property, units, invoices and other entries swiftly on any device, even on the go.

“TenantCloud’s updated landlord portal is even easier to use than the previous version. Many of our landlords love using TenantCloud to keep their rental business organized, protected and they feel they are ready to take on any rental challenge that comes their way”, says Tasha Skinner, TenantCloud marketing specialist.

Brand New Messaging

Landlords and property managers can now communicate with their tenants or service professionals in a brand new chat with user-friendly design which is so similar to Facebook messenger and other famous messaging apps.

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Security Improvements

In order to make the system even more safe, TenantCloud team has reinforced its service security, so every user can be sure that their profile at TenantCloud is the easiest way to keep all the rental information safe. Now TenantCloud servers are encrypted with the most advanced online encryption technologies (SHA 256 with RSA), so all your data is secure. 


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