We hope you had a spectacular New Year's! The TenantCloud Team is so happy to have grown with you in 2018. May the coming year bring more bliss and success in your business and life!

TenantCloud is constantly listening to your ideas to find ways to make your life easier. The latest in those ideas are live today. Thank you for all your ideas and feedback and look forward to us all making life easier for landlords in 2019. 

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Tax Prep Report - Autofill

Finally, it is here! Just in time for tax season. When a tenant submits a maintenance request and you add an expense, you'll be given recommendations for expense categories, which are then tied to your Tax Prep Report and categorized based on the IRS Schedule-E categories. Combining 8 separate steps into 1. Lots more to come:)

Easy Accounting with TenantCloud



Recurring Transactions List

Another great thing you've been asking for is a new page for the accounting section that displays a list of all recurring transactions. Now you can track and manage active, ended, and future recurring invoices. We've also added the option to select a start and end date when creating a new recurring transaction.

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Easy Accounting for Landlords and Tenants



Waive Fee

Another thing on the list from you was a waived fee option for late fees. So now you can waive late fee transactions. Also, we've improved the colors of the statuses so you can track open and overdue invoices more quickly.

Easy Property Management with TenantCloud



Accounting Filter

We've followed so many requests and changed the calendar for selecting dates in the accounting page. Let us know what you think—and should we change it everywhere?

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Settings Improvements

We thought it would be useful to be able to edit the file name right in file storage. Now this feature is available! Go and check it out. A quick button to receive payments on the "Outstanding" widget was added to simplify your accounting routine and save you time.

As always, we look forward to hearing what you think. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! Have a suggestion? Contact support@tenantcloud.com as we want to make sure our product meets your needs.


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