These past few months we have been working hard and intense to keep up with all requests you have sent to TenantCloud. It is amazing that you guys have so many ideas and feedbacks. It really feels that we work as a true team! Thanks for your patience and all your kind words. Let's keep moving and make life easier for every landlord and every tenant!

We’ve updated the TenantCloud system, now it’s even more functional and easier to use. These are the latest features:

TenantCloud system updates

Other Landlord Portal features include:

  • Quick buttons with the new property page design
  • Checkr extended Background check PDF report added
  • Ability to accept (or not) the rental application from the landlord website
  • Late fee automatic calculation functionality improved
  • Unit and Cloud storage settings united
  • Ability to view available credits in the Invoice details fixed
  • Rental application settings improved
  • Ability to add up to 20 own questions
  • Recurring transactions in lease show the next day of invoice
  • Ability to archive rental applications and maintenance requests
  • Preview page of Tenant, Owner, ServicePro and Vendor profiles added
  • Phone number for the listing agent on the landlord website added
  • Landlord website homepage photo fixed
  • Maintenance list design improvements
  • Rental application list design improvements
  • Filters functionality improved
  • Account transfer page design improved
  • Ability to add company as a tenant
  • Rental application status change improved
  • The new currencies added are Malaysian Ringgit - MYR, Poland Zloty - zł, Czech Republic Koruna - Kč and United Arab Emirates Dirham - AED.

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Other Tenant Portal features include:

  • Overdue amount and available credits are now displayed in Rentals
  • Dashboard elements added
  • Ability to delete account fixed

Also, we’ve improved the TenantCloud messenger and made the connection process easier for all the portals.

We always take your feedbacks into account while making the new improvements. So, if you have any other suggestions, please, let us know. Also we would love to hear how you like our brand new home page design ;).


Online Property Management System Updates: New TenantCloud Features For Tenants And Landlords