TenantCloud team is constantly working on improving the quality and functionality of your system. The latest update is now live.  It’s time to have a look at some of it’s key features. Today, we begin with multiple admin accounts and totally new lease experience.

We listened to you very carefully ;)TenantCloud New Features

Team settings. We are excited to present multiple admin accounts*, which mean the ability to add up to 10 administrative users within the same account. You can do it in the new Team section in your settings. Only the account owner can add admins, change profile & account settings, set up online payments and subscribe/renew/cancel subscription. Admins can do all the other features available in the TenantCloud Landlord Portal. More functionality and restrictions coming in the next release.

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TenantCloud Team section

In addition, we improved the to-do list widget: click “view all”, and you’ll see all tasks in a new window with the ability to assign tasks to team members!
TenantCloud Team section

Roommates can now share payments. Roommates can now share the same lease (like husband and wife) and each be able to make a payment to the same invoice. Roommates can also still be set up for separate invoicing.

In the Late Fees & Notifications, you can set up email alerts, late fee settings and utilities payments.

E-signature and lease templates. The newest feature allows landlord to create customizable template leases that can be sent to tenants for an e-signature and then created into a pdf. Users can create multiple lease templates for different states or tenant types.
TenantCloud lease templates feature

Online payments to everyone. Landlords can now make  payments to owners and service pros or even refunds to tenants.  Owners need to make a contribution - they can do it in their TenantCloud account now. With TC Payments this is still transaction free and only the Landlord need TC Payments for tenants, service pros and owners to send or receive payments.

Landlords that have properties in different countries - can now set property based currencies, so each property can be marketed and receive rent in the specific currency. It solves the problem for landlords owning properties in several countries who want to keep record of rentals in the currency of the country where the property is located. But note, once you choose the currency of the property, you will not be able to change it.

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We added a new Maintenance report that shows maintenance requests based on property. The report can be sorted by unit, tenant, service professional and request status.

Tenants can also now get a quick quote from 123 Movers**. It’s a new integration that offers tenants a quote for a movers to assist with their move for anywhere in the U.S. It helps tenants find the right movers who are available in their area and qualified to perform their move.

As usual, we will continue to introduce new features in the coming months to help people in the real estate community easily connect, pay and collect rent online, and manage their rentals. Stay updated!

* Available for landlords starting from the $9 plan.
** Available only for U.S. residents.


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