We're thrilled about the last two months that have been a real whirlwind for us with many new features and improvements. Here is a highlight of some of the largest features we have released.

Landlord or Property Manager Mode TenantCloudProperty Manager and Landlord Modes

We know about frustration of property managers who had to sign up as landlords as it was the only way to manage rentals and connect with owners. We solved this problem by adding property manager and landlord modes a user can choose from in their account.  

From now on you will have an option to choose Landlord mode which is for landlords who manage their own properties. Or you can choose Property manager mode which is for property managers and property management companies. This mode will require to assign each property to an "owner" in order to organize separate accounting for them. It also includes tools for charging management fees, managing reports, invoicing owners and keeping track of the owners' balances.

Those landlords who were signed up with TenantCloud and had properties connected with owners have automatically Property Manager Mode turned on after the release, all others are on the Landlord Mode, which can be changed anytime in the Profile Information Settings.

Easy Accounting with  TenantCloudAccounting 

As for Accounting, now you can add non-property related income and expenses. Hopefully, this will allow to keep track of all your finances, even if they are unexpected or uncategorized. Also, transaction categories are now grouped into main and sub-categories. For our international users, new currencies include Uganda Shillings, Jordanian Dinars and Zambian Kwachas.

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TenantCloud Reports Property ManagementReports

This time we've added the new Deposit Details Report for you which gives you the ability to review deposits during a specific date range. Within this date range, you can select to include only deposits for a specific property, unit, tenant, and type of liability category.

As you had asked, in the General Expense Report we added the information on who has paid for the screening report, and in the General Income Report information about all the non-property related income.

Profit & Loss Statement Report is one more that we have added in this release. This report shows the profit and loss for a property manager and/or property management company. It includes property management fees, tenant fees and general expenses.

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TenantCloud Property Management SoftwareTimeline

For better tracking experience, we've added the Timeline for Professionals, Providers and Owners, so now it is super convenient to get the whole history of any contact you have. The Timeline is designed to aggregate and display all the user's activities in reverse chronological order. Plus, you can add private notes and attach files to the Timeline to keep track of all the user's experience, assign notes to your team and print it off. 

TenantCloud Property Management System

As always, please send us your feedback as that is #1 thing that guides our development process :) Thanks for using TenantCloud!


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