Often, landlording is just like a full-time job. Most landlords are playing a lot of different roles in their business - investor, bookkeeper, marketer, inspector, etc. That's why many landlords feel like they are working multiple jobs at the same time!

Fortunately though, now is an excellent time to be a landlord. Advanced technology makes landlording easier than ever before and thanks to the internet most of these tools are available online. So here is the list of most useful tools and resources landlords will need nowadays in order to save time and money.

TenantCloud Property Management System

1) Rental Management Software (Rent Collection, background checks, marketing, work orders management)

There are plenty property management software solutions on the market, however, if your are looking for something that can really help you cut costs and save time, you may find value in a brand-new service TenantCloud. TenantCloud is not actually a piece of software you have to install on your computer and pay for, it’s a cloud rental management service you can open in your browser on a desktop or smartphone, it allows landlords, property managers, tenants, and service professionals to get personal accounts and communicate within the system. For landlords, TenantCloud is a unique service which allows you to keep track of every aspect of the property management process:

  • Control property occupancy
  • Collect rent online
  • Manage visual work orders
  • Run credit and background checks
  • Track finances with easy accounting
  • Store move-in/out pictures, leases or any other important documents
  • Advertise units on 8 rental listing websites
  • Get a personal marketing website
  • Store communication

TenantCloud is totally free for landlords, tenants, and property managers, so if you're still hesitating, just do some simple math:  if you manage 50 units, you can save up to $1500 per month!

Rental management services give you the freedom to run your business more efficiently while providing your tenants with the flexibility to submit online work orders 24/7 and ServicePros to grow their business. With online tools like TenantCloud  you can use only what your business needs right now and be flexible as it grows, no need to change pricing plans. Overall, it’s hard to imagine a modern landlord not utilising a cloud property management system in our time.

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2) Landlord.com (Info, advice, laws)

Landlord.com provides tons of useful information for landlords and allows you to sort landlord/tenant laws by your state. Landlord.com is a website that brings together most of the things that the typical DIY landlord or property manager will need so as to successfully own and manage his property or portfolio.

The website’s core is the Information Center with lots of necessary info, there are also sections like Landlord Law, Tools and Calculators, E-Forms Center, Discussion Board, Tip of the Week and more. Landlord.com also allows visitors to discuss problems, ask questions, and get advice on dealing with any relevant issues. Connect with other landlords or property managers that have experienced similar issues and get advice!

3) Getrented.org (Online education for landlords and property managers)

As a landlord you know that there are a lot of things you have to know, everything from rental marketing to property inspections or tax management. Fortunately, there is an easier way to learn landlording.

Getrented.org is a resouce for landlords who may not have time to attend a class. Now homeowners can educate themselves on how to avoid expensive mistakes, nasty arguments and lawsuits online. Property owners who complete the $40 online class and pass the quizzes will receive a certificate of completion good for $250 off the fee for converting an owner-occupied residence to a rental.

4) The Lighter Side of Real Estate (Entertainment)

The real estate industry can be stressful sometimes, and obviously landlords have a lot on their plates, so a portion of good humor is a must in this endless can of work.

The Lighter Side of Real Estate is an entertainment resource for everyone involved in real estate industry with an abundance of articles, photos, videos and other fun stuff. The content is updated every day, so you definitely won’t be bored!

What do you think? Which tools and resources do you find helpful?

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