We’re excited for the September release! Changes are constantly coming as we listen to our users who are real estate professionals. Thanks to your feedbacks TenantCloud becomes better.TenantCloud Rental Property Management Software Updates

Rental Application. 

Now Rental Application process becomes more customizable. Now landlords can configure required and optional fields for own Rental Application template as well as attach files to be downloaded, filled and then uploaded by your applicant. Also, we have added a Vehicle section to keep track things like cars (license plate, color etc.). After the landlord approves an application and moves in the applicant the system automatically creates a tenant in the Contacts page.

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It’s not easy for landlords to figure out what to do next after the signup, so new ‘’getting started’’ widget will help newbies and take through the most basic things that need to be set to get business work in TenantCloud. ‘’To-do’’ reminders became more useful and can be added right away from the Calendar page, just click on the date and add a reminder. Calendar widget also got a new design and displays the amount of notifications for the current month. Also, we fixed and improved the drag&drop feature so you can customize the dashboard due to your needs.


Many landlords requested the Contact Report and we have added it. This is just a basic version so we would like to hear your ideas on how it can be improved.


Now landlords can archive and unarchive tenants for own convenience, active and not active tabs will help to find out who has the active lease and who is waiting to be moved in. AZ sorting is added for contacts and property sorting. And Property Managers now can add owner Tax Id, Account Number and Routing number in the Owner Profile. Regarding the lease now renew button is available for all lease statuses.


Finally we have divided the landlord accounting page into money in/money out tabs. This will help to view property income and expense more effectively. Now a quick tenant link will take you to the tenant’s accounting page so you don’t have to use filter. Need to send a payment confirmation? Easy! Click payment details to download the receipt.


Landlord settings got improved navigation and simplicity, walk between settings in one click. Personal settings design was also improved, now you can see what information is displayed in your email template and reports. Online payments and website settings were also improved and simplified.

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Landlord Listing Portal became much easier. You can design your beautiful free marketing website and market your vacancies with the few clicks. Listing Portal was designed especially for those needs to track active listings and update it easily. But the security is a major priority to us and fraud has no place on TenantCloud. Unfortunately, we paid not enough attention believing that people are fundamentally good. That is why we started to work on a new verification process that will help to protect both landlords and applicants from fraud.


We had many requests to add one more subscription plan that would have more than 75 units so we present you with the new Standard Plan for $9/mo that will allow you to add up to 150 units and store 1GB of attachments. This and other paid plans includes unlimited service reminders and equipment tracking. Every update we’ll be adding new features to the existing plans so stay tuned!


As always, we managed to fix a lot of issues as well as improve the overall system functionality and login/sign up process that are not visible to you guys but gives the software more speed and stability. The connection to TenantCloud is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and the data is secured and backed up on the new powerful servers. We take all reasonable precautions to keep your information safe and secure. You will also see things run even faster.

Thank you!

All TenantCloud Team would like to thank our big and friendly community of property manager professionals who kindly help to build the software that helps to make their daily life easier and better. We appreciate your help, patience and expertise! Our biggest reward is to read you happy and inspirational feedback on how TenantCloud helps you to do the property management business more efficiently! 


TenantCloud Landlord Software Holiday Greeting: Thank You For Your Trust!