We can finally show you our new Reports, improved TCPayments layout, expanded team settings functionality, and a lot of other improvements. Excited yet? We're pleased to share with you the latest release of TenantCloud's Property Management System!

Many of you have been using and helping us to expand the TenantCloud functionality. Although the road is windy, we are grateful to our TC community for staying with us and spreading the word with others. Let’s see what we have here:

TenantCloud Property Management SystemNew reports

We’ve been working hard to come up with the best report layout and functionality to meet the needs of our users from both technical and aesthetic points of view, and we did it! 

The new list of reports allows you to switch between grid and list, mark a report as a favorite and pin it to the top, as well as search by name or another keyword. All reports and calculators have been improved and now have a page with configurations which allows you to generate the report you need both in PDF and Excel. 

Learn more about the reports here.
TenantCloud New reports

TenantCloud for Landlords and Property ManagersTeam

We’ve had many requests to expand permission settings. Now the main administrator can set permission to view and configure the account settings. 

TC Payments

Let us know what you think about the new TCPayments layout. We tried to make it less complicated and also improved the look and feel. All settings are now represented in two tabs. Balance and transfers are merged together, while bank accounts and the ability to assign properties are located on the same page.

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TenantCloud TC Payments

TenantCloud Property Management SystemAccounting

As you know, the system posts invoices five days prior to the due date. Now you can change it to the same date. Also, you can now select how you want to display the main accounting page based on type: cash or accrual.

We’ve slightly improved one more important thing: When a landlord or property manager records a partial payment, they can change the tenant from the dropdown menu in the event of a combined lease. It's a small change, but actually a big help.

Additionally, we've added more improvements such as new currencies, updated UI, bug fixes, and code enhancements. Stay in touch and tell us what you think about the latest TenantCloud release!


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