We are so excited to bring you the latest in accounting and reports. Now available in online, PDF or Excel are customizable options to include in running reports to help get you the information you need faster.  

The Reports tab now has its own homepage where you can star a specific report and pin it to the top as a favorite. As we have many different reports and calculators, we have added a search button so you can find the report you are looking for. You can also now change the view to grid or list. 

Once you've selected the report you want, you will see two tabs: overview and generate. The generate tab offers a set of related filters and settings with options to preview the report. This option works if you want to review the information per property or per tenant. When it comes to all properties, you need to click on the generate button to download the heavy file on all the properties or tenants. Here you can select if you want a PDF or Excel file.

The Overview tab shows the data organized as stats & graphs, displayed as widgets, so you can download this beautiful summary. This page is available in the subscription plan. 

Real Estate Management Software Reports

Let's talk about each of them in detail now.

Tenant Statement Report

Tenant Statement Report is often used for seeing tenant’s income invoices outstanding to date, keeping track of the funds received from your tenant, sharing a detailed statement of charges and payments from a tenant.

We have improved this report which is currently shown in two tabs: Overview and Generate where Overview tab provides relevant stats on all tenants inaccessible charts. It summarizes the key facts and trends, placing them into infographic charts.

Tenant Statement Report shows all income from the tenants includes paid and unpaid invoices display deposits and credits and show general income. For more information, read Tenant Statement Report article.

Tenant Statement Report

Operating Statement Report 

This type of report is used for monitoring the cash flow of a specific property. This report includes property-related income and expense transactions that have paid status, excluding all liabilities and general invoices. For more information, read the Operating Statement Report article.

Online Payments Report

Online Payments Report tracks all transactions that were received and paid online. It lists all payments registered with Stripe (credit/debit cards), PayPal, and TC Payments powered by Dwolla (ACH). For more information, read the Online Payments Report article.

Tax Preparation Report 

This is the most used and loved report. It provides information about property-related income and expense transactions. This report does not include information on liabilities, owner contributions/distributions, and general income/expense transactions. The default view of the report is the Schedule E that groups transactions by IRS-approved categories and makes your life easier when it comes to doing your taxes. For more information, read the Tax Preparation Report article.

Rent Roll Report

This report can be used to provide quick information on expected rental income, along with essential aspects of the lease highlighted for each rental unit. The report is generated as of the current date for active leases. It includes property-related income and expense transactions, liability (such as deposits), and Tenant Charges & Fees transactions. For more information, read Rent Roll Report article.

Profit & Loss Statement Report 

Profit & Loss Report shows the profits and losses based on the income and expenses of a property manager or of a property management company. This report shows property management fees, tenant charges & fees, general income, and expense transactions. Click here to learn more.

Property Owner Statement Report 

This report is often used to report the property income and expenses to an owner, as well as track information on all properties of the specific owner. This report shows the income and expenses of a property or group of properties that belong to a specific owner. For more information check Property Owner Statement Report article.

Property Statement Report 

The former Monthly Property Report that is designed for the property managers to track property accounting based on each unit and to help clear up disputes. This report includes property-related income and expense transactions, transactions that have the management fee category and its sub-categories, Tenant Charges & Fees, and Owner Contributions/Distributions transactions. Get the detailed description here.

Property Expenses Report

This is a useful report to keep track of all expense transactions related to property and helps with sharing a detailed property expense statement with an owner who wants to see property expenses. This report also includes management fees and owner distributions transactions. For more information read Property Expenses Report article.

Deposits Summary Report 

This one sums up deposits related to a tenant and used for tracking deposits paid before the move-in and used to return or apply the deposit when the lease is ended. This report shows amounts as of today’s date. Click hereto learn more.

Lease Statements Report 

It provides a list of all leases and leases start date, ending date, tenant’s name, unit, the balance owed, deposits held and rent information are included in the given report. This report shows information as of date. For more information read Lease Statements Report article.

General Income Report

General Income report shows general income payments and often used for tracking any additional income which is not shown in reports, including property-related payments. For more information go to General Income Report article.

 General Expenses Report

This report shows general expenses that are not related to any property. It is often used for documenting travel expenses, lodging, and other related business expenses that may be reimbursed. Click here to learn more.

Provider Statement Report

This report shows all property and general income payments related to a vendor or service professional. Provider Statement report is used for monitoring accounting between the property manager and service providers. For more information go to Provider Statement Report article.

Maintenance Requests Report

This report shows maintenance requests related to a property. This report contains request dates, statuses, assigned service professionals, and equipment linked. The given report can be filtered by Assignee and Tenant contacts mentioned in the maintenance request. For more information Maintenance Requests Report article.

Contacts Information Report

This displays the contact information of your tenants, owners, vendors, and service providers. This report allows you to create flexible reporting based on the information you have added to the profile of your contact. The Contacts Information Report includes information as of the date generated. Read more about Contacts Information Report

Property Market Report

This is a great way to find out how much you want to charge for rent. Property report powered by RentRange for $19.99 provides you as a landlord an in-depth comparison of your property and other properties in the area. This report makes detailed rent estimates, provides data on market trends and gives insight for property investment analysis. Click here to learn more. 

Tenant Screening Report

This report helps you to keep track of screening reports that have been purchased during the rental application process and can be searched by provider or package and its status. You can filter reports by listing, which is very helpful when you are reviewing potential candidates. Read more Tenant Screening Report

TenantCloud also provides with two calculators: Depreciation and Amortization trackers. Depreciation Tracker allows you to track annual depreciation for your residential and commercial rental property, which can help with tax preparation. Amortization Tracker allows you to track loans that are connected to your properties and separate interest from principal to help you with tax preparation as well.


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