Please note that the information in this article is outdated. TenantCloud has partnered with Stripe to enhance the online payments experience for our users. As a result, Online Payments have undergone significant advancements. For more information, please refer to our Help Center.


Here at TenantCloud, we are happy to announce our November release with it’s awesome new features, which are available right now! This is the next big step in our mission to make landlording easier.
TenantCloud Apartment Management Software Updates

Landlord Verification Process.  Before listing properties, landlords can now verify themselves, for prospective tenants. Once a landlord is verified, they receive a “verified” TenantCloud shield of approval that will be visible on all listings for potential tenants to notice and recognize. This will give tenants confidence that the landlord’s rentals are real and available. To get the verification shield, read How to verify my account?

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Online Payments. STRIPE. Thanks to our partnership with Stripe, we are excited to announce that from now, it is officially integrated as a payment option within the TenantCloud system. Landlords can now connect their TenantCloud profiles to Stripe and use it to accept and manage online payments; tenants can simply pay with any card. We wanted to emphasize that Stripe accepts all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 100+ currencies.

Now TenantCloud users have three payment options: Dwolla, PayPal and Stripe (more in the works).

Tenant Screening. RentPrep. We hope you agree that tenant screening is an integral part of the process of selecting a tenant, and of course you can do it with TenantCloud. RentPrep is our new partner which offers superior tenant screening services and background checks, all completed by FCRA Certified Screeners. The RentPrep screening report includes SSN verification, address history, eviction history search, bankruptcies search, judgments & liens search, U.S. criminal search, U.S. sex offender search and global homeland security search. So you can be sure, you’ll choose the right tenant.

Now TenantCloud landlords have two tenant screening options: Checkr and RentPrep (more in the works).

Ability to pay in advance. Does your tenant often pay in advance? Now it’s possible with TenantCloud. If all current transactions are paid, a new Pay in advance button will appear for the tenant, so they can pay an invoice anytime they wish. By clicking it, new rent transactions will be automatically created for the next month and stored as a credit.

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Units/Properties. The process of adding new properties and units got several improvements. We added two new unit types - Suite and Triplex. Properties can now be identified as: active, owner-managed or non-active. Our landlords also asked us for the ability to clone units for easy and faster set up - so we did that as well.

Other. Other includes minor improvements and changes that improve your experience with TenantCloud. For example, we added Late Fee as a separate option in global settings that will help you save time when setting up the lease late fee settings. We also added the ''apply credits'' link on the invoice details, so navigation becomes even easier. And as usual, we found a few ways to make things run faster.

Thank you for using TenantCloud. We hope you’ll like the new features as much as we do :) Now, log in and check out how everything works!


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