Every rental is a tenants home. It’s where life happens and memories are born. TenantCloud has made it easier to protect your rental, your tenant’s home, and all their precious belongings. In partnering with Assurant a leading provider of Renters Insurance, TenantCloud makes being a landlord a little easier. Now you can help your tenants to require Renters Insurance.
TenantCloud Assurant Partnership

With a low monthly cost it will cover both their belongings and your asset. You can now require Renters Insurance when setting up the lease agreement. This also helps tenants have a quick and easy way to secure insurance as all TenantCloud users are eligible to receive insurance under the same low rate.

Renters Insurance is both valuable to tenants and landlords. Landlords can protect their asset from tenant caused issues while tenants can protect their valuables from unforeseen events like fire, theft and water damage. Such dire events can cause disruption for both a landlord and a tenant, but having the protection of renters insurance helps limit any vacancies, while also helping renting families maintain a roof over their head.

Learn more in our FAQs:

For Landlords:
How to request Renters Insurance from tenants?

For Tenants:
General information
What Does Renters Insurance Cover?
How to purchase Renters Insurance?
How to file a claim?
Can I purchase coverage for my child that is renting an apartment/dorm while attending college?
How to change my policy?
What happens to my coverage if I move?
Billing and payment options


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