Please note that the information in this article is outdated. TenantCloud has partnered with Stripe to enhance the online payment experience for our users. As a result, Online Payments have undergone significant advancements. For more information, please refer to our Help Center.


All TenantCloud users who utilize a free account will still get a free account. Though there are some Dwolla changes, Stripe is available for all accounts, which provides a seamless way to collect rent, receive application fees and even pay service professionals. Stripe is available in most countries and can be easily set up within your TenantCloud account settings.

TenantCloud And Dwolla Integration

Dwolla will be discontinuing their free payment service. This change will not affect rent for December. January’s rent will also be able to continue seamlessly by converting their Dwolla account to a TenantCloud Payments (powered by Dwolla) with ease. TenantCloud is helping to make this transition easier by also providing TenantCloud Payments (powered by Dwolla) for free for two months, so users can try it out and so their business is not interrupted as they consider all options over the coming months.

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TenantCloud Payments (powered by Dwolla) will be free for two months and come with many additional benefits such as the following:

No transaction fees for Tenants or Landlords

Auto-Rent-Payments Easy set up for Tenants

Unlimited Transactions

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) auto fee invoice setup and accounting integration

Unlimited and No transaction fees for payments to service pros (coming)

Multiple bank accounts to receive rent based on property owners

These features and more will be available soon and we are excited to see this new phase as we increase our relationship with Dwolla. We hope you will find the process easy and seamless. If you haven’t used Dwolla you might consider trying TenantCloud Payments (powered by Dwolla) for the next two months to see what you think.  

Again, thank you all for being such supportive users as we continue to find ways to make landlording easier.


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