Recently our company crossed the 5-year mark and looking back we just want to say thanks! A lot of things have happened: we’ve introduced new features and added even more tools- but the thing that will never change is striving to improve and make our service even better. 

Today we are excited to share our latest release with you. Thanks for being active and participating in TenantCloud Community, it really helps us understand your needs and tailor our product to fit them.

Here’s what’s new:

TenantCloud Property Management SystemOnboarding

We have added a smooth and super convenient onboarding that will help the new users get started right after signing up. After successful email verification, a user will be able to select the most suitable scenario and start managing their rental business. We keep working on simplifying the user experience so you can start using our tools right away without any demo or training.

TenantCloud Property Management SoftwareNew Leads Tracking Tool

It’s not quite Christmas, but we want to give you the best present now - we built a Leads Tracking Tools for Landlords and Property Managers! From now on, you can collect and manage leads in your TenantCloud account. 

Prospective tenants from your website who are sending you questions and tour requests, as well as TenantMatch leads, automatically appear on the list of new leads. You can also add a lead manually. You can change a status, create notes, add tasks and assign to your team members, log calls and meetings. We know it’s something you have been requesting, so we’re excited to hear what you think about it.
TenantCloud Leads Tracking Tool

TenantCloud Property Management System Improved Property Message Board

We’ve put some work into Property Message Board to make it easier to use and make communication with tenants even better. We have moved the functionality to TC Messenger where you will see a “PB channel” icon. You can now go directly to TC Messenger if you need to post a Welcome Letter to help your tenants settle in, a reminder about renter’s insurance, where to throw away trash and what day trash is collected, and any helpful instructions on how to pay rent or report maintenance issues. You can send the post to all or one specific property.

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TenantCloud Property Message Board

TenantCloud Property Management SystemReports Improvements

Until now reports were generated as multiple files, so the data was divided by property. Now you can select how you want the report to be organized: as one file or multiple files. The download pop-has also moved to the top bar navigation.

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TenantCloud Property Management Reports

TenantCloud Property Management SystemOther

As always, we have spent some time maintaining, improving UI/UX and fixing all the current features, taking care of minor bug fixes, performance and stability.

We are always happy to hear what you think, so please comment below, send us an email at or become a member of our Landlord Community on Facebook.


The Latest Real Estate Management Software Updates: TenantCloud Functionality Changes