Please note that the information in this article is outdated. TenantCloud has partnered with Stripe to enhance the online payments experience for our users. As a result, Online Payments have undergone significant advancements. For more information, please refer to our Help Center.


2016 has been a very busy year, we managed to build lots of new great features for you, our Landlords and Tenants, and we would like to start 2017 with not less great release introducing totally new things!

TenantCLoud Payments

First, let’s talk money!

Online payments powered by Dwolla


Online Payments. TenantCloud Payments (powered by Dwolla). 

We are excited to offer TenantCloud Payments (powered by Dwolla) which will bring the great power of ACH (automatic clearing house) payments for which landlords could benefit from same-day processing and with no transaction fees.

Online payments powered by Dwolla





As you know, Dwolla has discontinued their free payment service since December 7, and TenantCloud has become it’s paying customer in order to keep payments working and provide a fully integrated solution. TenantCloud Payments (powered by Dwolla) is now available for landlords starting in the Standard subscription for $9/mnth and totally free until February 7. Users can try it out and have no interruptions to their business.

Landlords and tenants who enable TenantCloud Payments (powered by Dwolla) have the ability to add and verify up to 5 bank accounts and assign specific properties to every account. They can send and withdraw money from their balance, set automatic withdraws, view and manage transfers, view online payment status (pending, paid, cancelled), setup tenants on auto-pay and much more.

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Account data Easy-Export


Account data Easy-Export. 


The new export feature allows Landlords to download all their information in zip format. It means that in one click you can download all Properties & Units, Contacts, Rental Applications, Leases & Transactions, Maintenance requests, Service reminders & Equipment, or messages from your TC Messenger. Moreover, there is now the ability to download all reports in Excel format (finally:)).

Dashboard. Landlords can now customize their dashboard according to their needs, they not only can move widgets but also delete the unnecessary. Plus, we’ve added  a few new widgets for the new features - Tenant Match, Messenger and Contacts.

Property Board Postings


Property Board Postings. 


Message Board for all the tenants of a building.  It is a place where Landlords and Tenants can communicate and share files within the bounds of one property. It can be used for landlords to post building wide notices or tenants to share information like items for sale (or wanted for purchase), upcoming events of interest, lists of found items or even a tenant spotlight. Landlords have the ability to turn on/off the tenants’ comments and regulate their rights to post to the board, but this will be the community corkboard to help build community.  

Tenant Match


Tenant Match. 


Tenants post their rental profile and landlords search through tenants. 

Tenant Match, which will help landlords find their perfect tenants with no extra effort. After posting a vacant listing, landlords will have the ability to view a list of suggested potential tenants and then invite them to apply for their vacant rental. Tenants can now simply set up their Tenant Match profile and search criteria. Then TenantCloud will automatically create a specific list of suggested listings while separately landlords can send invitations to potential applicants to apply online.

Other TenantCloud useful things to know




We’ve also done minor improvements to the quality of our users’ experience:

The Landlord website has now a new feature - Gallery. Landlords can upload photos to the Gallery and they will appear on the top of the site.

Navigation becomes easier with an ability to filter active tenants by property and unit.

The number of every maintenance request is now automatically generated by the system.

The design of many pages has been improved.

We hope you will love TenantCloud even more now and appreciate all the suggestion and feedback:) Thank you for using it!


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