November release is all set up. We’ve made some useful updates, so prepare for new tools. Thank you all for the great suggestions, we want you to know it’s really important for us to get your feedback. Log in to your TC account and check them right now!

Contact Profile Layout

Managing contacts and their related information is much easier now. Tabs in the Profile header allow you to navigate looking for the necessary information. Overall, the layout is much cleaner and simpler to use on mobile devices.

Renew Lease Is All New

That’s right, we have been thinking a lot on your suggestions and now the lease renew process is much smoother. All leases are grouped by the property address and are shown as the history of renewals of the specific tenant. Now you can schedule the renew in advance and the system will trigger it on the renewal day. If you don't use/return the deposit, it will be moved to the renewed lease.
The new look of contacts in the TenantCloud Landlord portal

When Tenant Pays Rent in Advance

The previous version did not allow to generate manually the scheduled Rent invoices, so you had to wait until it will be automatically posted or create an invoice manually. Now you can view the lease and see the date when the next Lease Rent invoice will be published and post it earlier if needed, which is very convenient for long-term rentals, right?

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Tracking the Overdue Invoices 

Landlords and Property Managers often face overdue invoices, so we thought a little and decided to make it a bit easier to track who is late. If you go into Transactions you will see, that unpaid Invoices are split into open and overdue (open changes into overdue after the grace period passes).

Rental Application Settings 

Do not forget that you can customize your Rental Application Template and select what sections you want to include and what fields to make required. Also, we have added a new field ''Preferable Move In Date''. 

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Calendar Improvements

You know they say, you have to calendar time for yourself even if you have no idea what you're going to do with it. That’s why we worked on our calendar and improved all the little things that are small, but yet so important like sorting the reminders, assigning them to the specific property, adding recurring reminders and more.

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New Calendar in Landlord's portal

Additionally, more improvements like the new way of adding the roommates, new property amenity categories, to-do list improvements, Online Payment indicator for the transaction details were done. Plus, we've made improvements on our mobile apps, fixed bugs and slightly changed UI/UX nuances. Citing Bryan Adams "Everything we do, we do for you". So, don’t forget to tell us what you think!