If you're a landlord or property manager planning to make more on your rental properties, you might be interested in a property management software. Today, let's talk about TenantCloud property management software. If you've already signed up for a TenantCloud Basic Plan, you're already getting a lot. But what if you want to get even more and continue to grow your business? Then the TenantCloud Standard Plan should be your next step. You'll be missing out on some useful features if you don't give it a try. TenantCloud realizes all the pains DIY landlords encounter on a daily basis, and that's why we provide the medicine (i.e. software features) to ease this annoying pain. 

So what does the TC Standard Plan provide? 

TenantCloud's Standard Plan allows for the management of up to 150 units and unlimited notice templates. The Standard Plan is great for DIY landlords and property managers who want to provide unlimited payments with no fee. 

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In addition, here are some other awesome features:

TC Payments powered by Dwolla 

TC Payments powered by Dwolla is a payment platform that securely connects to a bank or credit union account. It's perfect for landlords or property managers with multiple properties. TC Payments allows you to provide/receive unlimited online transactions with no convenience fees for landlords or tenants, as well as the ability to add multiple bank accounts to receive rent based on property owners. The option is available for U.S. citizens only, so you'll need to fill in the "EIN" field prior to setting up the account. For security purposes, Dwolla requires its users to verify their account using either instant or micro-deposit verification. 

Auto Pay

Auto Pay allows tenants who have already set up TC Payments to set up automatic payments so that they don't need to sign in to their account each month to send a rent payment. The system automatically initiates the transaction before the due date. The main benefit of the Auto Pay feature is that it saves time as well as prevents late payment fees. How many times have you received the following excuse from your tenants: "I'm sorry; I forgot to pay my rent before the due date!" or "Is it the first day of the month already? No way!" To minimize the number of evictions caused by past due payments, consider the Auto Pay feature, which is available within the $9/month Standard Plan. 


E-signature is another great feature available in the $9/month Standard Plan. Lease agreements are the basis of landlord-tenant interactions, so it's important that they are properly executed. Our e-signature feature allows you to send your tenants agreements to be signed as part of the move-in process. 
If you're concerned about environmental issues, paper lease agreements can easily be substituted with digital documents. Setting up e-signature means you no longer consume tons of paper printing lease documents to send to your tenants for signature. 

Google Calendar synchronization 

If you've got plenty of tasks on your to-do list, you probably want to stay organized and productive throughout the day. TenantCloud knows how to make that possible. You can synchronize your TC Calendar  with Google Calendar to keep track of everything regarding your property management business. There's no need to duplicate the information - TenantCloud will do it for you. 

Which TenantCloud plan do you stick to? Are you planning to upgrade? Jot down your comments below. We'd love to hear what you think. :)

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