It’s kinda hard to imagine this world without working on the go. It became possible thanks to different gadgets. According to RingCentral Business VoIP 85% of business owners use tablets and smartphones as their main tool for communication. Recently more and more apps emerging to simplify everyday jobs in all different areas and real estate is not an exception. National Association of Realtors says that most popular mobile devices among their members are running Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS. We decided to share our favorite real estate apps to make your life easier and so, happier.

1. (Android, iOS)

Definitely my favorite and let me explain why. There are few all-in-one apps for landlords and property managers on the market, but cloud-based app is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use. With TenantCloud mobile app users can manage all aspects of the property from adding units and tenants to paying rent online, screening applicants, keeping track of invoices, utility bills and all other payments. It also gives both landlords and property managers an opportunity to easily accept and assign work orders on the go.

Basically it displays a complete picture of all activities concerning your property, tenants, payments and maintenance request in the palm of your hand. Also, applications automatically sync with an account at, so users don’t have to re-add any information.


TenantCloud Free Property Management App

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2. Home Snap (Android, iOS)

This is one of the most useful real estate apps available on the market. Using the photo geolocation user can simply take a picture of a home to get all the listing information, app automatically cross checks to see if a certain home is currently listed on the market. Homesnap is the easiest tool that helps search for accurate real estate information from any place. It allows users to find homes for sale, recent sales, open houses and values for every listed home around the United States.

Homesnap is powered by the same real-time MLS listings which the majority of real estate agents use. In addition, app helps users identify homes with investment potential and properties with pricing that could make a good flip for the savvy investor. Great way to instantly get valuable information on the properties available in necessary areas whether you are a seller or a buyer.

Free Property Management App

3. 24Me (iOS, Android)

Sometimes you feel overloaded with your work and you wish you had a personal assistant. Reality is that not everyone can afford a real person to help. But don’t get upset, there are many personal assistant apps on the market. One of them is 24Me, a great app if you are running your business. It has an intelligent system for taking your notes and to-do lists. It generates your daily tasks and events, and completes them for you with a tap of a button.  By using an advanced technology, 24me redefines productivity and gives you heads up about everything that takes place in your day, tells you about what’s coming up next and automatically takes care of things for you - just like a real Personal Assistant would do.

Free Property Management App

4. Paper (iOS)

If you love working with a notebook, there is a great solution for you: Paper by FiftyThree Inc. It gives you tools to work with: a blank canvas, the ability to create endless sketchbooks to store, ability to create different file diagrams, doodles and ideas. Easy to use on the go, as well as work somewhere in the quiet place. Fun and creative. Keeps all your ideas organised in one place. You can use it for free with your fingers. But if you are a kind of a pencil person, they have it as well on the app, but it costs some money.

Free Property Management App

5. Houzz Interior Design Ideas (iOS, Android)

If you decided to refresh your interior and looking for some inspiration, this application is for you.

Houzz has everything for home improvement or remodeling. You can browse thousands of different ideas by style, room and location, save and share them. Also, Houzz gives an opportunity to connect with people and look for products you need to make your project from a sketch to reality. Easy to use, design looks pleasant and navigation is seamless.

Free Property Management App

6. iHandy level (Android, iOS)

This app was created for perfectionists that strive to decorate their walls with hanging objects. Not an inch tilted. If you want to hang a picture, just place your gadget on the top of it and iHandy will show you how far out you are. You can also use iHandy Level to measure angles of slope or escalator, measure the verticality of a wall or furniture, measure the inclination of an aircraft, ship, car or mountain and roof pitch calculation. Useful tool for handy people.

Free Property Management App

Hope you'll find these applications helpful and will use them to ease your everyday job. Don't forget to share your favorite apps you can't live even a day without!

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