You know, our goal is to take your feedback and make regular improvements to TenantCloud to make lives of our landlords easier. Today we’re excited to launch a number of new updates and bug fixes.

You’re welcome :)

Tenant Balance page

To simplify your accounting, we’ve made a tenant balance page which shows the balance of all tenants that have unpaid invoices. From this page, you can also quickly send a notice to the tenant or view their accounting.

TenantCloud Tenant Balance page
Automatic Management fee

Management fee feature allows landlords to set up automatic management fee for each lease if they need to. It can be first rent payment commission, ongoing rent commission or both. Set it up in the “Late fees & notifications” section of a lease.
TenantCloud Management fee feature

And yes, leases are now editable. You may go back to your leases and edit everything you need. Keep track of all lease activity on the Tenant Timeline.

Team Settings

We’ve also improved the team management settings. Now admin owner can set, view, edit and delete permissions for their admins for different sections of the system (accounting, rental applications, maintenance, leases, etc). Note, by default all admins have the full access permission.TenantCloud Team Settings

Task Easy*

Task Easy is our new integrated service that delivers services like lawn mowing, snow removal, and pool cleaning. They help support and grow local industry through the network of contractors, providing services in all 50 U.S. states. Tenants can get free quotes of Task Easy in the Additional Services section of their TenantCloud tenant profile.
Task Easy Service

It is through listening to your feedback that we are able to constantly develop new features for TenantCloud, so thank you!

* Available only for U.S. residents.


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