This year was full of challenges, as well as big achievements. We focused on improving the TenantCloud system to make it even more convenient for our users and thanks to your feedback we were able to add lots of new features.

Now is a perfect time to look back at the past year, and we’d like to share the most valuable system updates our team is proud of. Hopefully, they’ve met your expectations too!

TenantCloud features developed in 2019




Leads Tracking Tool

Finally, you can collect and manage leads in your TenantCloud account. Lead tracking provides data on prospective tenants and owners that automatically appears in the list of your new leads. 

It shows you every prospective tenant who is sending questions and tour requests, as well as TenantMatch leads. Along with that, you can add leads manually, change a status, create notes, add tasks, assign to your team members, and log calls and meetings with your prospective tenant or owner. 

Brand New Reports 

Financial reports have always been a significant part of the rental business. You're probably well-aware of that. That's why we've decided to pay a little more attention to this update. 

We added a new reports filter that allows you to organize data as one file or multiple files. For those who file their taxes themselves - life just got easier. When you use TenantCloud for your accounting, you can now easily select the Tax Preparation Report and toggle to "Schedule E" to get the right documents.

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TC Payments Dashboard Simplified

TC Payments layout has been simplified. We've improved the look and feel, so now all settings can be found in two tabs. Balance and transfers are merged together, while bank accounts and the ability to assign properties are located on the same page.

New TC Messenger

Communication with tenants and service professionals is now more effective. Conversations are divided into contact type channels: Team, Tenant, Owners, ServicePros. 

You can do numerous actions inside a message: edit, remove, forward, reply to, copy, remove attachments. Also, the main admin can communicate with their sub-admins via TC Messenger, so your team can communicate with each other. 

Auto Pay

Throughout the last few years, we received so many requests to implement AutoPay that we couldn't help but develop this feature. 

Now when they use AutoPay, tenants' rent can be automatically sent to the landlord's account each month on or before the due date. The AutoPay functionality is connected to every lease - that means when you create a lease, the tenant can easily set up automatic payments based on that lease. 


Getting started with TenantCloud is now super easy. We've added a smooth onboarding process that will help the new users get started right after signing up. 

After successful email verification, a new TenantCloud user is able to select the most suitable scenario and start managing their rental business. 

2019 wouldn’t have been possible without you. Let's make 2020 even more awesome!


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