(Important note: We recently updated our plans with new pricing and additional features, so this information may no longer be accurate. For the most up-to-date TenantCloud plan details, please visit our Pricing Page. Thanks!)

As we update our pricing policies, we would like to inform you of the upcoming changes and how they will impact our current users. Overall, the new TenantCloud pricing plans will enhance your experience in managing rentals as you expand your portfolio and grow your business. Each plan is packed with robust features to help landlords and property managers optimize their rental properties.

The new structure of TenantCloud plans consists of three tiers: Starter, Growth, and Business

These changes to TenantCloud pricing will take effect in mid-July. 

However, the costs will remain the same for current clients on the Standard, Advanced, and Premium plans until their subscription expires or if they choose to unsubscribe. This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade or switch to an annual subscription at the old prices.

TenantCloud New Pricing

The exciting news is that all plans now allow you to add an unlimited number of properties/units and listings. 

Each higher-level plan includes all the features from the previous plans while introducing new options.

The Starter plan provides users with essential features and capabilities to effectively manage their rental properties. With this plan, you gain access to features such as Screenings, Late Fee settings, Rent Payments with ACH, Debit and Credit options, Maintenance Management, Applications, and Leads. 

Additionally, certain features like Property Specs, basic rental application templates, and Rent Balance Tracking are included in the Starter plan. You'll also enjoy additional features such as Premium Leads, Rental Application Customization & Tools, Keys & Locks Management, Auto Pay for tenants, E-signature functionality, Tax Reports, Vendor Network and Vendor Management Tools, Google Calendar sync, Leads Tracking CRM, Leads Follow-up, and Timeline.

The Starter plan allows you to add up to 100 pieces of equipment, and 10 document templates and offers a maximum of 100 service reminders. Additionally, the record retention for this plan is 1 GB.

The Starter plan allows you to add up to 100 pieces of equipment, 10 document templates and offers a maximum of 100 service reminders. The record retention for this plan is 1 GB. 

This plan offers a cost-effective solution for landlords seeking to enhance their property management capabilities. With a free 45-day trial, you can explore the features and possibilities available in the Starter plan before making a commitment. 

The Starter plan costs $15/mo and offers a free 45 days trial. 

We’ve added the PDF Lease Builder to the Growth plan for you to be able to select between the improved Text editor and the new PDF editor. The editors are unified so there is a chance you’ll need both. 

Within the Growth plan, you’ll also be able to utilize Property Manager Tools, Individual Owner Portal, Owner Approvals for Maintenance, Fees and Distribution Tools, Property Message Board for Tenants, QuickBooks Online Sync, Listing Website & Logo.

The Growth subscription plan allows you to add up to 500 pieces of equipment, 30 document templates, 500 service reminders. The record retention of 25 gb is available in the Growth plan.  

The Growth plan is $50/mo. The free 45 days trial is also included in the plan. 

The Business plan offers the maximum number of features including all the benefits of Growth, plus Team Management & Tools, Custom Domain, Team Tracking, Task Management, and Team Calendar. Alongside these features, volume pricing is applied for Screenings and Team Management tools. 

The Business plan is perfect for property managers who need team management settings on a regular basis. It lets you add an unlimited number of document templates, equipment, and service reminders, with record retention of 100 gb. 

To get the custom pricing, reach out directly to our sales team via sales@tenantcloud.com.  

Additionally, you can request a demo to get pricing information and the answers to other product-related questions.