When it comes to rental property, it’s important to balance durability and quality with budget and taste considerations. A property that can endure the wear and tear of tenants is a great investment, and while the bulk of activity and accidents tend to happen in dining, kitchen, and living areas, the bedroom represents a more personal area that needs utmost attention in décor and preparation. Whether you’ve just bought your first buy-to-rent property or looking to breathe new life into an existing one, here are some key considerations to take into account when decorating your rental’s bedroom.

Landlord Tips

Adopt a minimalist approach

It’s a good idea to invest in flooring and furniture of above average quality, and decorate sparingly. After all, you’re not the one living in the home, so it’s important to avoid decorating to your personal tastes. TenantCloud previously stressed the importance of selecting a few impressive accessories, and this is better than including a lot of décor that clutter the bedroom. Having more floor area open to the eye can make the bedroom look bigger and flowing.

Lighting is key

As with most areas of your rental home, lighting is an important consideration for the bedroom. A well-lit, airy bedroom has the power to seal the deal with tenants as it makes the room more cozy and livable. To achieve this, some tips were shared in another TenantCloud article, such as placing beautiful LED lamps around the room to emit soft, warm light. You can complement these with the inviting fragrance of vanilla-scented candles to relax your tenants. Natural light from wide windows is also a great asset, but make sure to frame the view with curtains. TenantCloud also explained how they can double as a security feature, because they’re a cost-effective way to shroud valuable property from outside eyes.

Choose color wisely

In relation, natural light has the added bonus of enhancing color within the room. Although common wisdom suggests avoiding colorful interiors when decorating your rental property, the bedroom is one of the few areas in the home where you can bend the rules to a certain extent. Research shows that certain colors on bedroom walls have distinctive psychological effects, and Leesa reveals that blue is the most calming of them all. It’s a beneficial choice for tenants who are usually out for work during the day and goes back primarily to relax and sleep. Other colors, like purple or yellow, can inspire feelings of royalty and cheerfulness, respectively. If you’d like to stick to a more neutral palette, consider painting the walls grey. It’s a calming and suitable alternative to stark whites or heavy blacks.

Allow a degree of personalization

Last but not least, it’s important to allow a degree of personalization for the tenant to decorate on top of your minimalist design. Include plenty of shelving space for books, framed images, and décor, and consider placing a hook or two behind doors or on the walls for them to be able to hang photos or other elements.

For more value-adding décor, Good Housekeeping recommends placing indoor plants that are inexpensive, low-maintenance, and gorgeous. You can select genera such as Dieffenbachia, which are exceptionally tolerant of shade; and Calathea, AKA ‘peacock plants’. Ornamental flora help bedrooms look more relaxing and some even have health and therapeutic benefits!

Also, check out the Ultimate Guide to Houseplant Care to learn about all the aspects of growing indoor plants and the comprehensive guide with 11 Beautiful Indoor Plant Ideas. 


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