When you are a giant property management company, you probably don’t pay too much attention how cozy your rentals appear. But when you are a small landlord, the question of making your rental look like a new home for your potential tenants is very important. You should make efforts to post the best photos of your rental so the first impression looks too good to be true. And more it should be even more beautiful than the pictures when they first view it. Anyway, here we gathered cheap but strongly effective tips that will make your rental look neat, sweet and cozy.

1. Raise the Curtain

TenantCloud blog curtains
Curtains are important. Often, curtains are the most important part of the space and the first thing you notice when walking into a home. Like paint - they’ll completely change the look. It is easy to find cheap fabrics and there are many varieties to choose from in order to make your rental look cozy and inviting. If the ceiling is low and windows look small, then hang curtains as high as you can. The eye will go with the illusionary line and this will have a positive effect as if the ceiling is really high.

2.  Good lighting

TenantCloud blog light
Lighting is a cost-effective way to transform cave-like rooms into warm inviting spaces. No need to stay in the dark when you can stay in a comfortable lit one at almost no additional cost. But, you were not born to live only with fluorescent lighting. A soft, warm light is what a place needs. Find some beautiful LED lamps and place them throughout your rental. Update an old lamp with a new lampshade and some spray paint. Your eyes and your visitors will thank you.

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3. Area called rugs

TenantCloud Blog Post Rug
On carpet or tile rugs absorb sound, provide a soft walk and give a neat, sweet and cozy feel to a room. Carpet is a great idea to make your space look like a home. Also, carpet stores often have remnants of high-end carpet at rock-bottom prices, which are much easier to replace than have to replace the rentals actual carpet when the tenant moves. Believe, this is one sure thing that will instantly warm up a home. A bold area rug will completely give a different look to those old, cold bare floors.

4. Give some Smelling Warmth

TenantCloud blog post Candles
Many rentals don’t include fireplaces, but that warmth can still be re-created with candles. Light a candle in specific rooms like the dining area and burning a light incense can also make the place smell inviting. Be careful with an open flame candle (may want  to consider a cheap reusable fake candle light) and be selective of what scents you are going to us. The aroma of burning ash can be a turnoff, but sweet apples make me want to start cooking in the kitchen right away.

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5. Go green

tenantCloud blog plants
Exactly! And there’s no need to wait when your plant will grow. There are many different cheap plants that you can buy and put in your rentals. This will make the space look too cozy to resist. Try not to buy plants that need too much care, otherwise you’ll have to stay there and take care of them. For example, you can choose aloe, rubber tree or english ivy or ficus, in one word there are numerous options. This will help liven up the rental.

So, yes, you can make a rental feel like it’s so inviting they won’t want to leave. It just takes a little creativity and some strategic decorating. Don’t forget about accessories as they are a great way to adjust to seasonal design without fully committing.

And one more thing, it might be a brilliant idea to bring a hand towel, toilet paper and really liven up the bathroom as many will use it. A comfortable space is guaranteed, so potential tenants will be happy with their neat, sweet and cozy new rental :)
TenantCloud blog bathroom


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