Not important whether you’re living in a small house or a cozy apartment: today we share visual tricks to make your place feel bigger and more spacious. There are many decorating tips you can implement to increase the visual spaciousness of your apartment. However, let’s also try to stay within budget:)

Hanging Mirrors all Around

Mirrors, have you ever looked past your own reflection to see how a mirror can give the impression of twice the area? Hanging a wall mirror in a location where it can reflect the view of a natural setting can visually expand your space and function as a piece of wall art. It can be like have a garden in your home. To maximize the effect add lighting to the area, so plants will stand out. You can also use large mirrors - turning one wall of a common area, like the dining room, into one giant mirror will show the room as double the size. Or you can think on putting the mirrors on shelves if you have one in your room. Whether you want a larger looking room or a more naturally vibrant home mirrors can help turn a blank wall into an endless corridor of openness.

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Smart Pieces of Furniture

If you think that a small apartment requires tiny furniture then maybe we should look at how the place is decorated. To increase the appearance of a room’s size, it’s best to include a few average size pieces of functional furniture than lots of small accent pieces. A table can be used and placed against the wall, so as to not require the whole room, but then give the appearance of openness. Pictures on the wall can also, add a feel of larger space. Look for pictures of natural scenery of large landscapes or large views of an object.

Avoid clutter, as this is typically small stuff the you can’t find a permanent place for so it gets left into a corner or out on a table. There are some great ways to avoid clutter with little costs. Looking at a second shop for an old used chest or box that can act as a coffee table, but also allow you to put many things in is a great way to avoid clutter while also keeping your misfit items.

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Everything is Illuminated

If possible, let natural light flow into a room by using minimal window treatments. Darkness makes things appear smaller, but light will allow them to appear open and larger. If natural sunlight is limited, you can strategically place lights so that dark corners become illuminated. Explore the extensive lighting options available and include floor lamps, under cabinet lighting, wall mount lighting, track lights or whatever type of lighting is a functional or a decorative addition to your apartment. This can work very well along with painting and mirrors. 

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Be Mini

Try to follow minimalism and simplicity. It’s best to select a few impressive accessories rather than to include a lot of decorative items in your decor. If you still want to keep some accessories, then please choose wisely. Items with a brass or silver finish will reflect light and support the illusion of space. Less is more when it comes to showing a room as open and flowing. This will make your room look open, but at the same time you will feel cozy

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If take all these steps and implement to your small apartment, you might get a whole new look. Your cozy apartment can feel much more spacious even if you only use two or three spacing ideas. It’s up to you. Experiment and combine, we hope you will enjoy the result.


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