Christmas period has started and the signs of the season are everywhere. Huge Christmas trees in malls, lots of festive lights across the streets, people flocking to buy presents... And what about your home? Don’t think that just a small Christmas tree somewhere in the corner will be enough, and please, don’t use the same decorations that you’ve been using for the last ten years. Here's how to make your rental look festive without too much effort.

Create a warm welcome

Of course, the entry is very important. Put a Holiday wreath on your front door and it will get you and your guests into a festive mood just before they step inside. You don’t even need to buy it, as it’s very easy to make yourself from reusable materials you probably have lying around at home.
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If the wreath is not enough, try to light up the door by putting some lights near or on the stairs. Small lanterns will work perfect in this case. Maybe someone thinks that it’s just an old-fashioned light, but a lantern makes the space cozier, and brings warmth and comfort. Choose the one you like most and place candles along with pinecones, snowflakes or faux snowballs inside.

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If you don't like candles, stuff them with cranberries, evergreens or small garlands. Whatever you choose, it will look amazing either way.
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Decorate a Christmas tree, even a small one

Most homes and apartments aren’t really made to accommodate the tall and robust Christmas trees, but even if you don't have room for a full-size tree, decorating just a small one will make a big impact on your Christmas mood. Put it on a table in front of a window, and it will add Holiday warmth to your place both when you see it from inside or out. Decorate the tree with the themed colors, add garlands, snowflakes, bells and whatever you like. You can also tie a bow with the ends cascading down the tree to make it look even more gorgeous.
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Use holiday cards

It’s so pleasant to receive Christmas cards from your family and friends during Christmas time. What’s even better, you can use these cards for decoration!  Be prepared as this could take up a lot of space, so above your fireplace or on top of a coffee table might be best. You can also think of more creative ways to show off your cards.
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In your bedroom, you may cover a blank wall near the bed with twinkle lights and use clothespins to attach the cards. The bedroom will look so warm and cozy!
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Use golden tones

A hint of gold always makes the room look holiday-like, so don’t forget to grab some golden things while choosing decorations (or entire golden wreaths, if you want). Golden Christmas stockings, baubles, small statues, or tiny Christmas trees will add style and sophistication to your festive home.
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Don’t forget about the details

It’s amazing how quickly some small cute details (like this tiny Christmas tree on a toy car) can get you into the holiday spirit. It will be nice if you add such things around your home.
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 Happy Holidays, Dear Friends!

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