During this uneasy year, the TenantCloud Team has been implementing new features, improving the current ones, and trying to remain one of the leading online services for rental management. 

So instead of focusing on the difficulties and challenges of this unprecedented year, we’ve decided to highlight some of our most significant accomplishments. Let’s see what we accomplished: 

TenantCloud year in review




Partnership with Rentler 

This year TenantCloud partnered with Rentler, a platform for tenants looking for their next place. Leads from Rentler make it possible for TenantCloud landlords to find the best tenants and fill vacancies faster. 

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Partnership with TransUnion

We’ve also partnered with TransUnion to create even more transparency by securely providing credit and public record data reports directly to landlords. With the help of screenings powered by TransUnion, landlords are able to get an accurate picture of their prospective renter through verified credit scores and nationwide eviction records. 

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We’ve built a new onboarding process for every role in the system to help our users discover the most important features for them through interactive questions and start using the software faster. 

Updates in the Landlord / Property Manager Portal

Accounting and Banking Information

To help our users manage their finances, we’ve given every transaction its own home and a separate link with the invoice details and payment history. It’s also possible to track credits and deposits now since a user can view the invoice where credits/deposits were deposited and sent from.

Along with that, we’ve added a refund option and the ability to edit an invoice and payments via a separate pop-up screen. Landlords and property managers can also apply a flat discount to the incoming payments.

Plus we’ve improved owner distribution and UI/UX across the tool. 

Move In

To make the process of moving in tenants seamless, we’ve created two paths. The easy move-in process is a faster way to create a basic lease agreement. For more complicated tenancies, the advanced move-in process is the way to go since it has additional sections like dependents, recurring transactions, utilities, management fees, and private attachments. In a combined lease, Renter’s Insurance can be requested from particular tenants. Plus, these features were added:

  • Late fees now have additional settings and can be paid partially and grace periods can be enabled for specific leases. 
  • New auto-fill elements have been added to Document Templates, making documents even more detailed. 
  • Templates got a new look and tools. 

Maintenance Management 

We’ve added a separate “Maintenance Requests” channel in TC Messenger, so now you can track conversations for each request. We’ve updated the navigation and some other icons on the dashboard and slightly changed the property profile preview. 

It’s also possible to assign a team member to maintenance requests, as well as assign up to 5 equipment options to the same request. 

Reports Improvements 

A few new columns for Refunds and Discounts have been added in the Tenant Statement Report. The Deposit Summary Report was improved and now displays the deposits correctly for roommates. The Property Owner Statement report has been updated to correctly display the owner potential balance. 

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Tenant Portal Improvements 

We’ve implemented new tenant onboarding with two scenarios and optimized the apply online flow so now tenants can view listings and apply online through the app much easier and faster. Plus, we’ve added a quick link to view the tenancy-related information and agreements. 

Major Changes to TenantCloud Service Pro Accounts

The Service Pro portal has been redesigned to better navigate the website. Plus, we’ve improved the service pro mobile app to help the service professionals manage maintenance requests on the go.

A Service Pro Business Profile shows information about current projects, previous work experience, etc. In addition, service pros can create personal websites and share their business with potential clients. 

Other Improvements

We’ve added the option to sign up/sign in with Apple ID, improved our user interface, added drag & drop functionality on all attachments sections, improved the timezones as well as feed and email notifications, and much more. Also, we continue to work on features that are not visible to our users, but aim to improve the security and stability of the service. 

We expect even more exciting updates to be implemented in 2021. Stay tuned and thank you for being with TenantCloud! We hope the year ahead will bring even more positive experiences.