Two great software providers for landlords have joined forces and are ready to help every landlord and tenant out there. There are a lot of people who are looking to be connected, and TenantCloud is streamlining the process of renting for over 14 million landlords and 70 million tenants.

And in our next steps toward making renting even easier, we’re excited to announce that TenantCloud has partnered with Rentler, a platform for tenants looking for their next place and landlords who want to manage their real estate investments, to provide more rental solutions. Even more exciting is that these two companies have joined forces to release a new product called Rentler Leads that pairs available tenants with landlords who have open rentals.

With Rentler Leads, tenants who would usually spend countless hours looking for the right rental can now set up their preferences and have their contact info sent directly to landlords. Vacancies are stressful and often mean lost income if they’re not filled quickly, but using verified Rentler Leads will allow landlords to rent faster.

TenantCloud and Rentler Partnership

We want to use this opportunity to remind ourselves (and everyone else!) that we’re all living in an amazing world full of technology that can make our lives easier. We use those opportunities, work hard, and with the help of our customers, we make TenantCloud better. It is tailored for your needs and adjusted for landlords who want to spend less time on rental management- whether it’s your main job or a part-time gig. We hope this partnership will be valuable for you and your business. 

For more information about how Rentler Leads works, please visit this page and read more in our Help Center.


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