Warning! Self-promotion ahead...but just a little bit. 

If you're trying to scale your rental business, a TenantCloud Advanced Plan might be your own personal gold mine.

You'll find tons of helpful features included in the Advanced Plan, but there are a few that stand out from the rest. 

Let's take a closer look at three of them: 

QuickBooks Sync

Many landlords use QuickBooks to manage their finances and keep track of transactions- that's why we’ve added QuickBooks Synchronization to the Advanced Plan. 

You can easily synchronize all TenantCloud account transactions with your QuickBooks account. To do so, just authorize and connect your QuickBooks online account by going to the QuickBooks settings section inside your account settings.

Once connected, the information will be synced with the selected account. You can use either manual or real-time synchronization. 

Follow the link to get step-by-step instructions. 

Property Message Board

The Property Message Board is a place where landlords, property managers, and tenants can all communicate and share files. It helps save time on business interactions by letting you send messages to the tenants who live in the same property or all of the tenants at once.

This option is only available for connected tenants occupying the property and in order to access the message board, tenants need to have a TenantCloud account, be connected with a landlord/property manager, and have an active shared lease. 

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Inside the Property Message Board, a landlord/property manager can list items for sale, lost or found items, notices, announcements, and more. Tenants are able to leave comments if it's allowed by the landlord. 

If you need to post a welcome letter to help your tenants settle in, share a reminder about renter's insurance, or ask questions about a rent payment, you can do it right in the TC Messenger. You can send a post to all your tenants or one specific property. 

For additional information, check out the link below:

How do I publish a post on the Property Message Board? 

CRM Leads

Thanks to the Leads Tracking Tool for landlords and property managers, you can manage leads in your TenantCloud account.  

Here's how it works: any prospective tenants who have asked a question, requested a tour, or filled out a form will automatically appear on the list of new leads. This also includes your TenantMatch leads. 

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Inside the Leads Tracking Tool you can also add a lead manually, change a status, add tasks and assign to your team members, log calls and meetings, and create notes. 

Read the article to learn more: 

How does CRM work?


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