How does CRM work?

We have created our own unique Customer Relationship Management called "Leads" - a feature which allows landlords/ property managers to keep track of the interaction with the potential tenants or owners. This option is available starting from Starter subscription plan.

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Subscription plans & Pricing

How do I switch my account mode from Landlord to Property Manager?

To see the leads, please go to Marketing page on the left side of your account and choose Leads tab.

Please note! Landlord needs to have an active Listing Website and listed properties for the prospective tenants to request a tour, send a question etc.

If the prospective tenant has requested a tour, filled out a form or sent a question on Listing Website, landlord will receive leads even if they are subscribed to Free plan. But to be able to see the leads, landlord would need to upgrade to Starter plan or higher. 

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How do I activate and edit content on my landlord website?

How to list a unit to Marketing websites?

Landlord can collect leads in the following ways:

  1. Add it by themselves manually. (Please note! Landlord can add leads for a tenant only. Property Manager can add leads for a tenant and an owner.)

       2. Landlord can send an invitation to apply online from Applications page. If landlord has added 10 emails, the system should create 10 leads.

       3. Landlord can send "Invite to Apply" from Rentler Leads.

       4. Tenant can press "Apply online" on a particular listing. Lead will be created after rental application is submitted.

       5. Landlord can receive tour request, ask question, contact form from tenants who sent it from a particular listing on marketing websites.

Please note, if two leads are applying with the same email, system will not create two separate leads but will mention this action in the Timeline of already created lead. Only one email address can be added per lead. 

Leads can be of two types:



If landlord adds or receives a new lead it is Hot by default.

You can easily change the type of the lead on lead's edit page or by clicking Hot/Cold icon on a particular lead's view page.

There are three statuses of a lead:




You can easily change the status of the lead by selecting the needed option from three dots menu.

The lead becomes Cold once it's in Closed status. 

Buttons on the left side of the screen indicate the following: Create a note, Create a task, Send an email (coming soon), Log a call/ Log a meeting.

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What can I do with a lead?

All the actions with the lead are shown in All section of its profile.

Landlord will receive email and feed notifications if a tenant request a tour, send a questions, send questions from contact form.


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Last updated:

July 15, 2021