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TenantCloud Calendar as Your Personal Assistant

January 22, 2019

Life is already busy enough to have to keep track of what is going on with your rental. If you have more than one rental then it is essential to have an automated method of keeping organized. Keeping track includes knowing what is happening and when. Knowing when means in the past, now and in the future. Having a calendar that keeps up to date with everything going on with your rentals makes life much simpler and your TenantCloud account calendar does just that. Let’s get closer to the details. The calendar widget is located on left up of your account:

Here you can view the notifications in date and time order:

Your calendar has many other features that come automatic in which you will see in the calendar. Calendar events in which will be automatically in your calendar:

  • Lease expirations

  • Equipment or appliance automated reminders

  • Appliance warranty expiration date

  • Insurance expiration

  • Tenant’s renter’s insurance

There are also customizable options for creating calendar events in order to help make things a little easier.


The Calendar includes an easy option for adding general reminders. It is located with your calendar and can allow you to include quick notes for things like a tenant promising to pay on a certain date that is outside of the rental agreement. Such reminders allow you to keep track of any events that aren’t already automated. Don’t keep reminders in mind, keep them in TenantCloud Calendar. Following this link you can read more detailed information on this option:

How to add a reminder to the calendar?

The To-Do List

Sometimes it seems like the job of a landlord is never done, but keeping a list of things to complete can help you at least feel accomplished.  The to-do list in your TenantCloud account allows you to create a calendar event and include information that you might otherwise forget or want access for the future. Following this link you can read more detailed information on this option:

How to add a to-do reminder?

Team member assignments

If you have team members than accomplishing a task can be much quicker and easier but communicating with them in regards to what needs to be done and when can be challenging. Your TenantCloud account allows you to also create a to-do list item for team members. Once created you can assign a team member and schedule the event due date and this will be added to their calendar. Following this link you can read more detailed information on this option:

How to assign to-do reminders in calendar to your team members?

Plans changed? No problems. Edit the already existed reminder straight from your dashboard panel. Read more:

How to edit a reminder in the calendar?

It’s easy to always have important to do reminders in one place and keep your calendar clean at the same time.